Clouds surrounding capping stack, BOP (VIDEO)

Live feed from Boa Sub C ROV 2, August 24, 2010 at 2:50 p.m. EDT:

6 comments to Clouds surrounding capping stack, BOP (VIDEO)

  • Lynn

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain….

  • It looks like ~ 1 barrel/minute to me…

  • Dan

    OOOOOOOOOH There’s a cloud. Must be the end of the world again right Truth is it looks a lot better than the gusher that was there and rather than being thankful most people still want to make dire predictions. Remember your Bible, nothing happens that God does not allow for our good somehow! With that said I will probably be called a shill and troll again – but hey at least I know how to be thankful. The fear mongers back in May and June had the Gulf ready to explode as well as a mass evacuation only days away at one point. What a bunch of rot. Sure this was and is bad but lets not play on peoples fears and make it worse than it is.

  • ChefJeffH

    Dan if you remember your bible all things happen for gods glory, anything good that happens to us in the proccess is just a side affect. We should be thankful! Thankful for all the wars in gods name, thankful for all the millions of people who have died in gods name. The bible speaks of christian persecution in the end times. I personally will be thankful for that.

  • Dan

    ChefjeffH I remember my Bible well and what you stated is truth also, all is to God’s glory indeed, but all is to our betterment and nothing happens that is not in someway for our betterment. How does tragedy and death glorify God? I cannot answer that as my mind could not ever hope to comprehend the Just and Holy God and how His actions are played out. To me as I see those things that have been foretold coming to pass, this to me brings glory to Him as hopefully it but a brief time before the enemy Satan is defeated.

  • Hey, bible thumpers, have a look at this…

    you’ll fit right in.

    Can I get a witness!?

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