CNN: Based on what admiral said “Is this thing over?” — The real question is when does the underwater oil rise to the surface (VIDEO)

CNN: Spotters having trouble finding oil? Coast Guard, NOAA reporting only what is on the surface:

24 comments to CNN: Based on what admiral said “Is this thing over?” — The real question is when does the underwater oil rise to the surface (VIDEO)

  • jec

    There is not just thick surface OIL, there is the dispersal/oil mix in the water and the multiple “plumes.” Then the bacteria which is breaking down the oil, using up oxygen in the water column, creating dead zones. AND, of course, there is methane gas–which is pretty much invisible to the eye on the surface. One hates to think what just the methane alone is doing to the atmosphere–or the water. This gas, as well is rising in the water column. We are just looking at the tip of the Gulf of Mexico disaster at this time.

  • Betsy S.

    I’m wondering if the gusher has REALLY stopped gushing????? I wouldn’t put it past them to show us images of the “cap” that’s really located somewhere other than DH.

    I think Matt Simmons pretty much said as much along these same lines….

  • Rich

    The first major hurricane to hit the area will bring it up all at once. Then you may see thousands of dead people. I personally don’t buy their store that the main leaks are stopped. They are using chemicals to keep that stuff on the bottom. One good sized hurricane and the truth will come out.

  • I pray the f—- up and it kills every Britain.
    Lets finsh this war from 1814
    Britain does not own us

  • BP needs to die

    Obamma has the realtionship with them but I think a American thinks different

  • Scott Teeters

    One of the several dozen things that boils my blood over this mess are the media MORONS that dribble on like third graders. I guess they like their fat paychecks.

    And that bozo Coast Guard retired admiral. This isn’t over! Would BP and our own feckless government lie? Do they breath air? And when people all over the East Coast start to get sick after the hurricanes rip through the area, they’ll blame it on “pre-existing conditions.”

    It’s all part of the plan folk, for OUR DEATHS.

  • Don Coley

    The question is the dispersants. What does it do to oil? Does it make it disappear? I mean I would think oil would rise to the surface. Then you could clean it up easily. The dispersants to me don’t make any sense. There really is nothing to clean up on the surface. They are really doing nothing. Just think if they just did this so people along the coast couldn’t get food to eat, because face it folks it takes a lot of food to feed 20 million people. This country has 300 million people and they would completely wipe out all the wild life inside of six months.

  • Michael Lindsey

    Some people spout off, and have no clue what they are talking about. Hurricanes don’t suck up stuff that’s deep in the water. If it’s on the surface sure. Matt Simmons may be full of shit, that’s probably why he’s on TV. Listen to Chris Landau he’s done 70 high pressure wells. Doesn’t sound like the problem is over. The pressure at the well head is way to low, which means the oil and gas is blowing out into the strata, and will likely come up through the ocean floor. So far 6 leaks have been found and that’s likely the tip of the iceberg. All of these guys are criminals, put them all in prison including Obama.

  • jim

    the cap was put on “”which”” oil riser….? …disception lingers all around …. underwater oil plumes… when is the TRuTH coming out? the real truth?

  • It is obvious to anyone, willing to do a little research, that the corporate media companies are owned and operated by a select group of very powerful/wealthy people. Their incredible influence over what is regularly reported, as legitimate and trustworthy news, is hard for the average person to comprehend. In a nutshell, they control every story that is reported on a daily basis.

    Even though many of us are aware of this fact, we still tune into the traditional media sources and half expect to receive something that resembles the truth regarding a particular event. This is a lesson in insanity. We will never get a lick of truth out of the the mainstream media outlets. Why do we continue to get angry and upset when we observe the misinformation they are reporting?

    The fact that disingenuous information continues to be released, by the traditional media companies, about the Gulf oil “spill (gusher), should not surprise many of us. This is business as usual and just a continuation of the overall campaign to manage the perceptions of the general population.

  • Mark

    We have no idea what’s going on or even if there is a well down there that’s actually leaking.
    I am at the point where if I don’t see it first hand I don’t believe it.

  • John

    You can fool 20% of the people ALL of the time, 60% SOME of the time and 20% NONE of the time. The 60% in the middle will eventually figure it out, wake up and smell the oil.

  • It is not over and is not going to be over any time soon. Read Linda Newkirk’s prophecy in Book Twelve Chapter 72 Prophecies.Org

    Also look up the Hopi prophecy about the Gulf turning black. The Tribulation has begun!

  • Tom

    In reference to what was said by Michael Lindsey – Yes, Micheal, hurricanes DO suck up water from deep down. That is one of the reasons a stalled hurricane tends to lose its strength because it is churning the water under it, and drawing the deep, colder water towards the surface. So it IS possible that the upwelling of the colder water can draw “stuff” up that is not currently on the surface. And yes, I suppose I am just, as you say, “spouting off,” sort of like you did.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    This article about the Ixtoc disaster was on the from page of the Sarasota Herald Tribune on June 21. If you read it, there is a scientist in there quoted as saying that very little oil rises to the surface. He also discusses underground plumes during Ixtoc. Read here:

  • R Gordon

    This is just begining. Take a look at the damage that is occuring to my plants in colorado ( ) and then check out some of the other videos of identical damage from around the East half of this country as well as Europe. We are ALL in BIG trouble. This is and has been from day one a planetary issue but unfortunatly most Americans I talk to don’t even know if the oil is still leaking or that there is even a problem other then some surface oil sheen, no kidding. The common Americans ignorance is sicking.

  • Joe

    Good, I hope Gary is one of the ones who die.

  • Why are we rewarding INCOMPETENCE? BP CEO is leaving after manning the chair over criminal activity with 1.6 million dollars in his pocket? WTF??? Why isn’t this scumbag in jail for the rest of his life and penniless? Why is a publicly traded company paying criminals anything at all? This sets a precedent: cause a huge disaster, say oops, get millions of dollars to retire or go somewhere else and continue doing evil.

  • Michael

    Tom, I guess it depends on your idea of deep. Water at 200 feet is much colder, but most reports are talking about the oil plumes 3300 feet and deeper, and maybe if a hurricane sat still for a couple weeks it might suck up some of that deep deep water. They sunk the toxic brew on purpose. Out of sight, out of mind, and with our own gov’s permission. Criminals

  • Jimmy

    Wishing death is a really good sign that you’re bangin on all cylinders*


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