CNN: Plumes of oil “RESTING ON BOTTOM” hit Gulf beaches — Feds, BP still deny finding submerged crude (VIDEOS)

CNN, August 14, 2010 at 6:20 a.m. EDT:

Even after the submerged oil tainted miles of beach in Gulf Shores, MS over the last few days, BP and the Coast Guard deny finding visible oil on the seafloor.

New emphasis on testing for “submerged oil” in MS Sound, WLOX Biloxi, August 12, 2010:

“[T]hey’re going to be looking for possible sub-surface oil. We don’t know if it’s out there, but we will be looking to identify those substances that are of question,” said the Coast Guard’s Kristen Jaekel. …

“What you may have heard spoken of as plumes of oil is parts per million levels of oil, one or two parts per million, more than 100 miles from here. And actually what was measured while the well was flowing, was lower than background levels today,” said [BP spokeswoman Maureen] Johnson.

13 comments to CNN: Plumes of oil “RESTING ON BOTTOM” hit Gulf beaches — Feds, BP still deny finding submerged crude (VIDEOS)

  • Gary

    Day 115 of war with Britain


    Kiss your children goodbye and your a–

  • Coast Guard Oil plume & Corexit denier Kristen Jaekel cell number is 267/235-2293 Give her the facts, save her from the mind control propaganda

  • jessica

    TO ALL LAWYERS OUT THERE – BP needs to be indicted from THE HAGUE. No US Court will touch them…The Supreme Court will not touch them. Obama will not touch them. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO START A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THEM. They need to be indicted by the International Court of this Planet which is THE HAGUE. How do we do this?

  • jessica

    @ Nathan Rothschild – you a Rothschild are part of the “mind control” propaganda. You need to change your name…you TROLL !!!

  • skateboardkid

    Are we all so messed up that we can not talk about where the oil went. After all, a dispersant’s job is to sink oil. So it is there, and if we were lied to about the amount of the oil, and that there is till oil coming out of the ground in other locations; then we must be talking about allot of oil

    The Valdez spill was 11 million gallons, or 200,000 barrels. Our new spill (as if we were talking milk here) has been estimated at over 100,000 barrels a day. That is a Exxon Valdez every other day in volume. Now tack on three months to that figure.

    What gets me is the arrogance of companies, and their governments. The Corexit was used to sink the oil so the media could not take pictures, and they even went further to say that workers could not wear respirators. I guess all the good investigative journalism of the days way back, and the pictures of dead oily animals and people wearing Haz-Mat Suits and Respirators scared the heck out of all of us.

    They did not use the nasty orange chemical back then because it is banned in many countries, never used in that quanity, and would make it almost impossible to skim any oil off the water. The stuff would sink and go everywhere in the currents.

    And I wonder how many of you know that the people left after the damage in Alaska is the most reported area having the highest rates for suiside, domestic abuse, alcoholism, and what ever else comes with abandonment with the people and country turning their heads afterwards. People, the oil is still there from the Valdez spill. The people were not compensated for ther use of the boats and what was lost in futures. And BP was the company responsible for the clean up. So do not expect it to be better here and now with this disaster. You will see more of the same, if not worse. Already, Morgan Stanley said the spill is good for oil stocks, we are letting BP continue to drill in the Gulf, and Texas is suing so they can drill bay baby drill in deep areas like BP. In fact Alaska already has a rig about to drill in an area that is just as dangerous as the area “everyone” told them not drill in while at the Gulf.

    Now I hear that BP wants to drill another hole near the same area so they can profit from this very large area of oil. They also said they would eat the fish there; so lets make them eat the fish.

    Talk to your congressman and tell them you want BP out. Tell them that since BP is the largest supplier of gas to the American Military, that you want someone else to take their p[lace. Snooze, you loose.

    A shot over the bow is needed here, a message that arrogance of business and government has come to an end.

  • Corexit is made in America. Please call them up and ask them what is the formula and to stop using this banned chemical.

    Nalco Chemical Plant
    Hwy 90
    Sugar Land, Texas

    P.S. Ask them when is the last time you ate sea food from the Gulf, that they are invited to a feast, and it is on us.

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