Coast Guard admits dispersants still in use “over the wellhead”

A liaison officer with the United State Coast Guard told the Destin Log that dispersants are currently “being used over the wellhead in Louisiana.”

Why continue to use dispersants if the flow of oil stopped July 15 and nearly all the crude is gone?

Also, this contradicts Thad Allen’s recent statements:

  • “We have not used dispersant since the capping stack was put on.”
  • “There are no dispersants being used at this time.”

3 comments to Coast Guard admits dispersants still in use “over the wellhead”

  • jec

    The ongoing use of dispersants (COREXIT) indicates oil is present. So the denials –“no use of dispersants”–“no oil being released”–are bogus. BP seems to be trying to “rewrite” the event with an out of sight (underwater/sand) out of mind–and “prove it” mentality! The legal cases will be interesting with photos, ROV video, scientific and physical data, operators, US government, BP-AND the on the water/ground witnesses.

  • People in the Gulf War II are being genocided, whole east coast is toast.
    We let the British won

    Move along people nothing too see here
    Dee you in heaven 0r hell

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