Coast Guard puzzled by source of 30-mile stretch of oil

Source of 30-mile oil spill in Gulf puzzles officials, The Times-Picayune, March 22, 2011 at 12:00 am EDT:

Emulsified oil, oil mousse and tar balls from an unknown source were washing up on beaches from Grand Isle to West Timbalier Island along the Gulf of Mexico, a stretch of about 30 miles, and it was still heading west Monday afternoon, a Louisiana official said. The state is testing the material to see if it matches oil from last April’s BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Oil spill response workers under the direction of the U.S. Coast Guard and state officials were scrambling to block more of the material from coming ashore. ES&H Corp. has been hired to oversee the cleanup. …

Betty Doud, a Grand Isle resident who volunteers with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, said she monitored the oil moving along Grand Isle on Sunday.

“I was out there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. yesterday and the stuff came in in waves onto the island and through Caminada Pass,” she said. “There were these orange, nasty waves and black oil mixed with it. The oil was in the rocks along the pass.” …

Read the report here.

16 comments to Coast Guard puzzled by source of 30-mile stretch of oil

  • soozla

    This oil is new and in addition to diluted and dispersed oil already present. It takes several days for oil to reach the shore from the depth and distance of the DWH.
    How long since the earthquake off of Dauphin Island?
    Looks like the “disturbance” on the seafloor is really kicking.

  • soozla

    A bunch of snivelling cowards run the Coast Guard.
    Getting a little rough out on the oily sea?

  • Daniel Hughes

    Not only cowards, but liars as well (though the two are usually the same). They are “puzzled” about anything. They are a part of the conspiracy to cover this up.

  • grandma caesar

    i agree with daniel. yesterday i read a news release that stated the coast guard were denying the presence of oil, claiming it was “sediment” that had washed down the mississippi river. our leaders, under the direction of their owners, are lying to us.

  • Jean

    The Coast Guard wouldn’t be “puzzled” if they would get off their butts and do their job. They’re the ones with the boats and planes to get out there in the Gulf and find the source of the oil. They probably have been ordered not to investigate this. Or maybe the government already knows what’s going on, but is covering up (as usual).

  • soozla

    ….Oh, Thad, oh Thad…please come back and lie to us some more.

  • soozla

    We are all going to have to find more strength for this effort…
    The people and environment are in much more danger.
    Write to the local officials..make them aware of the fact we know what is going on.
    And speak among yourselves –in your homes and churches..speak to your friends and neighbors…
    We have one election ..the next election… to turn this country around…and we must.

  • soozla

    ….and as the Oathkeepers..would say…not to act against TREASON is TREASON!

  • xdrfox

    This new leak is huge because it appeared basically over a few days, but I think the Authorities knew about it and now they are playing it off. The cracks got too big to contain and hide anymore.

    Duh…wher di dis stuf come from..duh !

    It took weeks before the oil to reach the shores of La. from the source, closer to a month if I recall.

  • xdrfox

    The voting is rigged and has been for a long time ! Just like the stock market, wars everything is by design.

  • soozla

    @xdrfox….yes.. right around 3 weeks to a month…to reach the shore…
    The cat is out of the bag…

  • xdrfox

    With all the earths anomalies that are happening over just the past few weeks, I think it added and assisted into the latest problem in the gulf, go through a few of these pages on this site to see all that is going on around the globe because of added outside actions …

    At bottom you will see… older articles link, go back a few pages,weeks

  • xdrfox

    That Orange tells me this is NEW OIL, mud, not old and weathered oil ! There may be some old oil mixed in but with the crude smell it seems to be newer then older oil. If old oil is surfacing with such a small temperature rise, I hate to see when the gulf temperature’s rise 20° and up!

  • motherpeace25

    for those who have yet to see the wide view

    this oil is NOT from dredging

    it’s worth clicking “previous” on this link and taking a look at 3-18-2011

  • xdrfox

    Seems to be going around !

    Confusion: Radiation still being released from Fukushima — Officials don’t know where it is coming from
    March 22nd, 2011 …

  • ivanthedestoyer77

    Put a Blowtorch to the Oil Mass and See what happens. F the Coast Guard.

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