Cold or HOT water could be to blame for ‘abortion storm’ says leading newspaper reporting on dolphin deaths — Calls Corexit “nontoxic”

Dolphin mystery just one piece of oil-spill puzzle, Sun Herald, March 5, 2011:

[S]cientists talked of a number of things that could have caused the deaths in the young or stillborn dolphins — cold water temperatures and infections — and that until lab tests are done and results analyzed, there’s no way to know the role oil played, if any. …

There is also the stress of the temperature increase in the Gulf, and the use of chemical dispersants, though nontoxic, in uncharted amounts over time.

19 comments to Cold or HOT water could be to blame for ‘abortion storm’ says leading newspaper reporting on dolphin deaths — Calls Corexit “nontoxic”

  • ivanthedestroyer77

    Give yourself a HOT WATER Enema YOU God forsaken SWINE!!!! You are not scientists, You’re Retards!!!! Shove BP and the government UP YOUR AZZZZZZZZZZZ TOO!!!

  • ivanthedestroyer77

    Where is the Proof … You cannot say Corexit is non-toxic without providing the chemical formula and documented material stating such … This So-Called Scientist Needs Sued, What an Idiot!!!

  • soozla

    Now, now…Haley Barbour is the head of the restoration. You know.. lies have to come from his home state. Huge ones though.. like Haley never being a racist….or taking gobs of money from the oil companies throughout the years.

  • soozla,322475387 He has to convince folks –there is no oil—-BECAUSE–he wants to be President.
    Hope you are feeling the love, Haley…

  • soozla

    But then again.. Jindal wants to be President….
    The choices–the choices..

  • soozla

    Ah–what the hell I want to be President –too ! lolol
    ..except if I have to be treasonous to my country…….. I’m out.

  • ivanthedestroyer77


    These people are criminals. Where are all the Lawyers in the Gulf, did BP pay them all? You cannot make absurd statements, like: “corexit is non-toxic” without documented proof and agreement among professional sources. Additionally, someone needs to be tracking these Tests and their Results, Filing them, and keeping the public informed.

    If it were up to me, I would feed these Idiots to the Fish.

    I have never seen such absurd incompetence. If I acted like that at work, I would lose my JOB.

  • soozla

    Criminality gets one promoted and elected in this country.
    Whoever can afford the most hype wins.
    The “haves” push around the “have-nots”..
    NO political party in this country is representing the people of the the present time.

  • xdrfox

    Unfortunately, many naive people will see/hear this and except it as the gospel.

    You said : “If it were up to me, I would feed these Idiots to the Fish.”

    I would feed the GOM fish to these Idiots !

  • xdrfox

    If enough people tell mis-truths enough, most people will believe the mis-truths as truths. Just look behind us at the things we were lied to about in the past we thought were truths and in time we learned they were lies to late to undue or correct, but it served the lier’s and company for months or years to get their agenda done and profits made ! Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior !

  • Whew!!! You all are sure feeling your oats this morning, aren’t you?

    You’re throwing “wit” around as if it’s about to be outlawed, and it has cheered me so much that I’ve been skipping around my kitchen as I prepare my morning tea.

    You’ve got me singing, my cat meowing, and my teapot whistling — and I’m sure there ain’t no happier home than mine on this mountain this morning.

  • Morgana

    Jeez Louise – how STUPID are these “analyses” and “analysts”???!?!?! They need to go and re-take their biology and chemistry. LIES will never become truths even if only ONE person recognizes the lie.

  • Dixie

    The real unbiased scientists get punished and the ones that tow the globalists line get rewarded. We all know corexit was banned in the UK, yet BP was allowed to spray this poison in OUR water with governments blessing! Sickening!

  • monkey99

    i can’t imagine folks at the Sun Herald don’t know the composition and documented effects of corexit. for those with a burning to remind them, a little contact info for you

  • NoSprayZone

    Doesn’t seem like much of a mystery that both oil and dispersants are harmful to marine mammal health.
    Impacts of Oil on Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles
    • Direct contact with of petroleum compounds or dispersants with skin may cause skin irritation, chemical burns, and infections.
    • Inhalation of volatile petroleum compounds or dispersants may irritate or injure the respiratory tract which may lead to inflammation or pneumonia.
    • Ingestion of petroleum compounds may cause injury to the gastrointestinal tract, which may affect the animals’ ability to absorb or digest foods.
    • Absorption of petroleum compounds or dispersants may damage liver, kidney, and brain function as well as causing anemia and immune suppression.
    • Long term chronic effects such as decreased survival and lowered reproductive success may occur.

  • Jean

    Anyone who believes that Corexit is non-toxic should take a bath in it, just to prove how non-toxic it is.

  • xdrfox

    Published May 21, 2010

    Right now between 1,400 and 1,660 sperm whales live year-round in the Gulf of Mexico, making up a distinct population from other Atlantic Ocean groups, in which males make yearly migrations.

    Whales May Be Choked, Drowned, and Poisoned

    Oil spills can affect sperm whales and other cetaceans, including dolphins, in a number of ways.

    For starters, the marine mammals have to surface to breathe, and if they come up through an oil slick, they can suck the toxic substance into their lungs.

    Also, the fumes on the surface of the water after a recent spill can be powerful enough to knock out full-grown whales, causing them to drown. (Read an eyewitness account of smelling the Gulf oil spill.)

    Finally, the oil can taint the toothed whales’ prey—fish and squid—affecting the whales’ diets and hurting their chances of raising healthy calves. (See pictures of a sperm whale eating a giant squid.)

    “The chemicals in the oil product that move up through the food web are a great concern for us,” said Teri Rowles, coordinator of NOAA’s marine-mammal health and stranding response program.

    Previous studies have shown that at least some of the Gulf of Mexico sperm whales are known to hang around where the Deepwater Horizon oil rig was located before it exploded on April 20, triggering the spill.

    “Between 2000 and 2005, about 300 [sperm] whales were seen on a consistent basis right in that area,” Texas Tech’s Godard-Codding said.

  • Lieing swine! Schills of the New World Order. All of them. This just shows how much we’ve lost in a mere few years.

    It’s almost over. The sovereignty of the United States of America is gone. The Constitution lies in a shredded heap; the human rights conveyed in it’s body weeps upon the tombs of our known and unknown soldiers, as the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS] adjudicates against American citizens at any opportunity.

    The Gulf of Mexico is of little concern to the ‘shadow government’. Its membership consists of the most wealthy people in the world, the international bankers. And yet, they do not know the names of those eleven lords whom they work for. They only know what their work is, and that is to destroy America’s middle-class — turning the “haves” into “have nots”, destroying any food that we may have access to: wild meat, home gardens, billions of eggs destroyed using the lie of contamination, severe weather, destruction of agriculture, devaluation of the dollar, extreme increase in the price of oil, and making “crude oil” our new currency — the planned Standard Currency of the World. Then, they will herd us into cities where we will be trapped. Cities will be the new cage for those of us who are not housed in the camps, or thrown ‘by multiples’ into huge plastic coffins.

    There is no doubt that the BP disaster serves their purposes. It will be the vehicle used to force a human stampede away from the Gulf of Mexico. Or, if you don’t leave you’ll die in place in due time.

    Either way, they get what they want. The land. If you don’t leave fast enough to suit them, they’ll use trains to take you out in the guise of an humanitarian effort — and straight to the FEMA camps, or whatever they will be called.

    This would explain why the sudden need for more trains in the absence of scarcity. Why? We don’t have too few do we?

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