Colored liquid gushing from capping stack, BOP (VIDEO)

Skandi Neptune, August 24, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. EDT:

Skip to 2:55 in if pressed for time.

11 comments to Colored liquid gushing from capping stack, BOP (VIDEO)

  • Marilyn

    what is going on…………. people need to know !

  • Tim

    This is the biggest coverup of news in our lifetime. How can BP have this much pull!
    Crimes against humanity, hidden and approved by our President

  • Ruffcut

    I can’t tell ya that this feed is even from the macondo site.
    Maybe they went hollywood, months ago.
    Anyone that trusts any info from BP, our goob’s, or MSM need to have their head examined.
    But that would be pointless, because after examination the verdict would show that the your head is empty.

  • insanityrules

    They finally figured out how to make a mockery of the GOM.

  • Kris

    JP Morgan is the major stock holder. Close to 30%. I think they own Uncle Sam, too!

  • Jason

    It’s harder to seal an asphalt volcano then BP thought. I see yellow sulfur and brown mud coming out of the stack. These volcanos have a real high pressure to them also. The whole area where they drilled is part of this volcanic system. Just search the term “asphalt volcanos of the gulf of mexico”. You’ll see I am right.

  • 4CleanEnergy

    TOD experts are pretty sure it was color dyed brine being flushed through from Q4000 in an effort to clear the BOP just prior to sending down a camera.

    Phew! That freaked me out.

  • Laurie

    As far as BP is concerned…the well is capped…a few finishing touches and we are out of here…these demons in fancy suits have done it this time…I see them exposed and on a path of self destruction…actions speak louder than words and their actions are appauling and evil to the core…it is obvious their god Satan has gone mad…

  • Is there a geochemist or petroleum chemist out there who can identify what this liquid is? One thing is for sure – it isn’t oil.

  • Its going to keep gushing out; and the International Bankers/Oil Barons/Illuminati kingpins will keep lying and spreading deception because they have been doing it for so long. As they are the children of Lucifer; that will be defeated and thrown into the great lake of fire and brimstone very soon!!

    But first they will lie until the people find out by this great internet crowd. But they are trying to kill the internet; so we must work fast!!

    And they are going to force everybody that is left from their coming great war to take their mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or right hands soon!! And if you take it; you will forever be cursed by God according to Revelation 13 and 14 and especially Revelation 14:9-11!!

    But don’t worry!! After they have killed millions of us who know and serve Jesus Christ and who won’t take their zombie making and mind controlling beast chip; The Great God of Heaven will first plague them for 42 months of hell on the EArth; and then He will send His Almighty Son Jesus and His heavenly army of angels to wipe them all out in hours and have them in the great lake of fire and brimstone; screaming and yelling their heads off forever and ever and ever!!

  • Wow that looks pretty bad. Sure glad the hole is fixed now.

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