Column: Corexit 9500 is most obvious suspect in recent massive animal deaths

Column: Media cover-up, fishy sources in abnormal incidents after oil spill, Channels Online (Santa Barbara City College), February 1, 2011:

… The reality is there is nothing normal about spontaneous and massive animal deaths. They are dying in droves from Louisiana and Florida all the way north to Boston. The most obvious suspect is the sinister use of Corexit 9500, the oil dispersant BP used this summer at Deepwater Horizon. …

At the moment there is no way to be sure if Corexit is responsible, but it’s absurd to assume it’s normal for entire populations of black birds to fall out of the sky in numerous states simultaneously. Hopefully for the sake of our entire planet the mass deaths are simply a coincidence, but I guess we’ll have to figure it out without the help of the media’s distractions.

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  • matthew

    Here in panama city, fl. Are local newspaper just reported that a bunch of dead starfish washed up on shore. And wouldn’t you guessed it they said it wasn’t likely to have anything to do with the oil spill and that it was cold weather. But last year was just as cold if not colder and starfish didn’t die. ( It reminds me of jaws when they wouldn’t admit their was a shark in the water because they didn’t want it to affect their big tourist season, actually it’s just like that. ) Tar balls go unreported and untested, what happens it summer when it gets hot and them suckers melt?

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