Kindra says “oil coming in all over the place” — “Fresh, new oil” is RED, LUMPY, and NOT DISPERSED… “Where is THAT coming from?” (VIDEO)

Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Radio with Kindra Arnesen, September 14, 2010:

Transcript Summary

We’re having more oil coming in today…

There’s fishkills everywhere… all over Plaquemines…

My understanding is there’s a lot of fresh, new oil coming in…

It’s not dispersed oil…

We’re back to the red, lumpy… oil…

Oh my God…

And where is that coming from? No one can answer that question for me.

Listen to the CHSL radio program here.

Links for Kindra’s group: & donate.

9 comments to Kindra says “oil coming in all over the place” — “Fresh, new oil” is RED, LUMPY, and NOT DISPERSED… “Where is THAT coming from?” (VIDEO)

  • I thought Kindra moved out of the state. Why in the hell does she still live in LA?


  • If anyone sees first-hand new, red oil. PLEASE let me know. Email at

  • premurderedGOM

    This can’t be contained to LA/MS. It is spreading like a cancer. Remember, the GOM is a slow moving body of water. The horror show is just begining.

  • You’ve seen the rest, but here’s the best…

    It ain’t pretty, but neither is a sheeple’s butt.

  • Gonzo

    There’s a lot that BP and the government are hiding to each other and to the people… British Petroleum capped a well that was not the gushing well. The gusher has been gushing all along, only getting worse by the day as the formation deteriorates. They can’t cap it because the pressure is too high and the formation too weak. They are buying time to see if the pressure diminishes. But that’s not going to happen!. They are also hiding that this oil is radioactive and hence, deadly. Obama is boing thoroughly irresponsible. Soon it will be too late. Lots of people will start dying of terrible ailments.

  • Gonzo

    We know the well they capped was not the gushing well because the Remotely Operated Vehicles filming the capping were displaying geographical coordinates that do not exactly coincide with those of the gushing well. Several observers noted that. They were capping a near by well that was not gushing. A couple of days ago the ROVs stopped carrying the numbers on the screen that give away where they are, and most of the video filming ROVs have now been retrieved. BP doesn’t want anyone to see what’s going on down there.

  • iron_monkey

    Ah gonzo no, the ROV’S are using a UTM Coordinates system not a Latitude/Longitude system. Thats why when you punch in the coordinates from the ROV’S into something like google earth which uses a LAT/LONG system it spits out coordinates that are different to where the ROV’S are suppose to be.

  • eddy

    Gonzo, do you have any links or info?

  • freebird

    check out BKLim at newsvine, his articles explain the ‘wrong well’ information.

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