Commander Thad Allen this morning: New sensing devices arrive; “What we’re really looking for is methane bubbles” (VIDEO)

Methane seeps an early indicator of heavy hydrocarbons

Thad Allen interview on Washington Journal, C-SPAN, July 18, 2010:

C-SPAN: The Joint Information Center says that a NOAA sonar ship has been brought to the site to monitor the entire sea floor around the well… Are you concerned about leaks coming up in other places around that?

THAD ALLEN: That’s exactly what I was referring to…

What we don’t want to cause irreversible damage to the sea floor that may cause oil to come to the surface.

For that reason we’ve brought in a NOAA boat called the Pisces which has very, very fine sensing devices…

In fact what we’re really looking for is methane bubbles that might be coming up from the floor of the sea in advance of any leakage of hydrocarbons.

That’s together with the seismic vessels… and all manner of devices…

The minute we think anything anomalous going on or we have a breach of the seafloor we’ll probably vent the well.

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