Pharmacist: Something is “making people behave differently” — more and more with “thick throats” and headaches, nausea

Stress of oil spill still lingering in Orange Beach, Press-Register, September 27, 2010:


Councilwoman Pattisue Carranza, a pharmacist, said that she had seen more and more people seeking prescriptions and medications this summer for “thick throats.”

There’s something, she said, that’s “making people behave differently” and “making people cough and giving people headaches and nausea.

16 comments to Pharmacist: Something is “making people behave differently” — more and more with “thick throats” and headaches, nausea

  • premurderedGOM


  • Daniel Hughes

    Wait till they start doing to BP execs and property what the toddlers are doing to desks and chairs. Will it be “depression” then?

    And why are toddlers responding more appropriately than full-grown victims of oppression? Are the mental shackles THAT tight and uncomfortable?

    Just a thought.

  • j r

    “giving people headaches and nausea.” Well, it is an election year and with all that political advertising…

  • robertsgt4o

    Hey folks, haven’t you heard? It’s in your head. That’s what they told us vets when Agent Orange took out thousands. That’s what they told the Gulf War vets too when they had “Gulf War Syndrome” (that was/is from all the depleted uranium) DU has a half shelf life of 400m yrs. No Biggy

  • This is horrible, but it is not utterly hopeless. These people can use dietary supplements to detox some of this crap out of their body. It might not solve all their problems but it could mitigate the severity, See Barefoot Gulf Coast Doctors.

    I agree with the Vet. This has happened so many times before to military folks that, we loose count. Before Agent Orange and Blue Water it was LSD, and before that, it was Nuclear Blasts and Material exposure. And I am sure we could keep going backward in time.

  • People are sick here some very sick and our Mayor refuses to acknowledge it….he says he won’t let his child swim in the waters here and he will not put his new boat in the water but its ALL OK for everyone else…..we have tried to get his assistance in looking into all the people sick and he makes us shut up… a public meeting last week he made everyone turn off cameras and said the police would remove you if you didn’t….in a city council meeting two weeks ago he made Channel 15 cut their cameras off and told the newspaper reporter NOT to print anything said during city council meeting… took an hour and half before discussion about the unsafe waters and peoples health ended but he did not want anyone in a news capacity to run it. He has covered this up for 3 months now…..

  • Bildo

    Sisterbluebird—I thought they were making natural supplements illegal. You know, Codex Alimentarious, S510, etc…..

  • Off with their heads…… We’re in a “kill or be killed” situation here. What the hell else can we do?

    Pray for peace. Prepare for war. No one wants violence, but sometimes it comes your way whether you want it or not.

  • X

    BP executives and their families, as part of their criminal sentencing, should be forced to live on the Gulf.

  • X,

    BP executives, yes. Their families? No. If the children are under 10 or 11, they’re innocent and very likely are unaware of the activities of their parents: The spouse may very likely be unaware as well [male or female].

    As for the BP executives, their crimes are against all of mankind and the whole of the animal kingdom: Congressional action to facilitate them in their crimes, military brass involved, the present administration… all are responsible.

    What is the value of the lives of those people living in the affected areas — or of all aquatic life in the GOM?

    Execution isn’t enough, but it’s all that we have.

  • I keep seeing these videos and stories, please follow the basic rules of journalism, who, what, when, WHERE and how. The Gulf of Freaking Mexico is 1,000’s of miles long. I live on the Gulf of Mexico, on the west coast of Florida (Tampa Bay area). Please try to be more specific. I plan on tearing up my family’s lives and relocating 3500 miles away but I need more specific info.

  • Orange Beach Man

    Read the first words of the article Miguel:

    “Stress of oil spill still lingering in Orange Beach, Press-Register, September 27, 2010”

    See that? It says Orange Beach.

    Try following the basic rules of reading before commenting.

  • Carol

    Im from another area of the country but I believe you guys that this is happening. I belong to different groups that usually are pretty aware. But quite honestly, they do not believe any of you are sick. It surprises me, but the fact is.. they need pictures of sick ppl, test results, facts or they will not believe and help.
    This cover up has been done very effectively. The people that are getting sick need to find a way to show us all, so that enough people believe and will stand up.

  • Gary

    If I was being genocided I would act differently too.
    Do Iraqis and Afghans act differently when the military is in their backyard?
    Hey! speaking of military do we have one?
    Notice the BRITISH AND MEXICANS are doing a fine invasion.
    Lets all act differently and a do a eye for a eye.
    Soon it will your life and childrens lives.
    Small price to pay the queen-BP-Al Bushomma

  • Tusk Hunter

    Well, we have been experiencing the same things up here in Michigan all summer, keeps coming and going, so its my guess that there is another reason for this sickness other than the BP spill. Not saying its normal, just saying its happening in other places, and we have been wondering whats going on up here also.

  • Thomas Paine

    Tusk Hunter> Chemtrails. And HAARP. And BP. And the planned oil disaster in the Gulf. They’re all related, if you understand the plan. Some places it’s more obvious than others, and it’s playing out in slow motion like a Greek tragedy that we’ve become.

    P.S. If you don’t understand about areosol poisoning (chemtrails) and HAARP (the world’s most potent weapon with built-in “plausible deniability”) just look them up and research how this all fits with BP – just one plaything of the illuminists – and the Plan.

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