Cousteau: The oil is at the bottom of the ocean — Disaster’s impact to last for decades (VIDEO)

Message of coral reef conservation spread by avid diver and world traveler with a famous name, WPTV, January 24, 2011:

Fabien Cousteau has followed in his famous relative’s footsteps to the sea. …

He was one of the top experts interviewed and quoted frequently during the Gulf oil spill.

10 comments to Cousteau: The oil is at the bottom of the ocean — Disaster’s impact to last for decades (VIDEO)

  • He said, “… will last several decades.”

    I say, “Liar, liar — pants-on-fire!”

    Just look at that little ole’ Exxon Valdez spill after two decades. I guess in the “miracle 3rd decade” all will be healed. Thanks Fabien Cousteau.

  • soozla

    Fabien Cousteau is not correct here–this will not be repaired in one or a dozen decades.
    This implies the people should look for improvement and sit on their hands and wait.

  • Fabien Cousteau


    Next time it would be nice to post the whole interview not just a snip it taken out of context. As far as the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is concerned: no one knows if it’s decades or longer. The point was to point out that its not magically gone like most media has indicated. In a two minute interview of which only 15 seconds is for this question and topic there is no chance to have an in depth answer. Soosla is correct in saying we should not sit on our hands. Prevention and emergency preparedness are the first step while we find alternatives to petroleum for fuel, plastics etc… We need to encourage more consumers to seek and demand solutions in their own daily lives. It is an integral part of my message in speeches when I do touch on the Gulf and Exxon spills

  • soozla

    Sorry–Fabien–I did not mean to offend you in the slightest.
    We need all the help we can get. I think many of us on here feel we are way past consumer seek and demand solutions.
    I think it is more appropriate IMHO that the science community—-get the real message out — just looking at Exxon Valdez–will show that—repair in decades is out of the question.
    The message from here is –run like hell.

  • soozla

    –i did not mean to imply.. that was the message from FOSL—just my office–just to clarify.

  • WineandCheese

    Be careful Mr. Cousteau, et. al. If you are familiar with geohazards expert/whistleblower B.K. Lim then you should know that his life is seriously endangered at the moment:

    These guys mean business.

  • WineandCheese

    Link may have been unlinked. See Lims last comments at his spot on

  • matthew

    congratulations gulf coast second largest dead zone on the planet and in less than 9 months, that has to be a record.

  • Death Threats should be Prosecuted.

  • Additionally, (MR. MS.) Cousteau … if you’re legitimate? It would be a good idea to get the GOM together to ban CNN and FOX for their Staunch refusal to Cover anything out of the Gulf. This is worse then anything in the Stalin Era, and believe me, I know.

    Organize a Channel Drop, Just don’t watch it. Where are all the environmentalists????

    I will never donate another PENNY!

    Oh, and remember, any Internet abuse can be Reverse IP traced by law enforcement and prosecuted for any Threat what so ever. Don’t let anyone intimidate you.

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