Cousteau, other experts “stunned” by island “littered” with “many dead birds” — It’s “clear” birds poisoned by BP disaster (VIDEO)

Dead Bird Island, Paul Orr, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper , August 23, 2010:

On Thursday, August 19, 2010 LEAN/LMRKwent on a sampling trip into Terrebonne Bay… accompanied by Alexandra Cousteau, granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau…

What we encountered [Modoto Island] stunned us all. The ground was littered with… [s]o many dead birds that we aren’t sure how many were out there, many dozens of dead birds just in the small area which we surveyed on the island… [in] various states of decay, from scattered bones to a tern that couldn’t have been dead for more than a day and everything in between, that this is an ongoing situation.

We also saw a juvenile gull that was in distress. It could hardly walk and was very unsteady… By the time we finished our sampling and were ready to leave the island the bird had died. …

It is clear to me that these birds are somehow being poisoned by the BP event.

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13 comments to Cousteau, other experts “stunned” by island “littered” with “many dead birds” — It’s “clear” birds poisoned by BP disaster (VIDEO)

  • Gisele

    Oh man, this is making me so angry. If it’s killing birds I can’t imagine what it’s doing to people who breath the same air. Corexit 9527 (and possibly 9500) is a mutagen, I can just see next year babies born all mutated and BP won’t be held responsible.

  • Betsy S.

    Mr. Obama sat in the Oval Office and addressed the nation promising that the Gulf Region would eventually be cleaned up and better than it was before….


    Where is the cleanup????

    Even these birds must suffer the indignity of rotting in filthy, oiled marshes.

    Sad, beyond belief!!!!!!

  • CFarer43

    What is clear is that there is an ongoing government cover-up and dereliction of duty. Vote them all out of office this November and sweep the varmints out of every agency wave shown their moral weakness, which is contributing to this ever-growing apocalypse.

  • xdrfox

    Has any test been done to find the reason they have died ? CHEMICAL ? Birds are hard to find here here now. Mostly the larger birds but fewer and fewer of them as the weeks go by. It seems to be only affecting sea birds ! Ones that eat from the rivers and oceans ! These birds are not dieing of HYPOXIA as the fish are said to be !

  • JasonN


    You speak as if the voting in another party or some other people, regardless of party, will improve the situation. It will not.

    Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, it does not matter.

    New suit, old suit, blue suit, red suit, it doesn’t matter.

    Given the globalization of our economy and energy interests, both parties are equally culpable. Most average citizens have been taught that voting gives citizens a voice, which unfortunately it does not. The interests that control our government ultimately have the ONLY voice.

    In this 230 + year experiment called The United States of America, one thing is abundantly clear…..

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Marilyn

    So sad, so very very sad….. we all have to help somehow………

  • xdrfox

    JasonN , you mean the snake has two heads, how hideous ! Senate stop the bill for powers to subpoena investigation into BP so our Gov. hands must be real dirty too and too many would see the ugliest monster anyone could imagine.

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