COVERUP: Documents show tons of submerged oil being removed by the bucket full from Pensacola coast — Feds, BP still in public denial

The Pensacola News Journal is confirming that, “Thousands of pounds of weathered oil is being pulled from under the surface of Pensacola Bay every day.”

BP persistently denied this fact within the last few days, according to the report — “During more than a dozen interviews last week, BP officials and spokespeople for a number of government agencies working on the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill response denied knowledge of oil in the bay.”

When BP was making public denials, “Escambia County officials and local fishermen were reporting finding weathered oil, as they’ve been doing for weeks.”

BP’s own crews were hand-scooping it up, and a submerged-oil team from BP’s Deepwater Horizon Response Incident Command Post in Mobile was investigating,” added the PNJ.

Coast Guard Lt. Stephen West with the Incident Command Post told the PNJ just this Friday that they, “Confirmed an area of oil a quarter of a mile long and up to 50 to 60 feet off Barrancas Beach at Pensacola Naval Air Station… [and] confirmed that buckets of sunken oil were being pulled up in another area of Pensacola Bay, near Fort Pickens at Gulf Islands National Seashore.”

The head of BP’s cleanup operation in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, Scott Piggott, “said cleanup workers began noticing the submerged oil at Barrancas Beach in July.” The paper also reports Piggott said, “The last month, we’ve spent considerable effort to get people to concentrate on that… Then we notice the same phenomenon at the Fort Pickens site, and cleanup has been going on there for two weeks.”

Piggott added, “1,000 pounds were collected from underwater one day last week near Fort Pickens.” according to the PNJ.

The Pensacola News Journal was given two of BP’s daily reports to the county about the cleanup by Escambia County. The reports noted:

8/25: BP reported cleaning up 3,776 pounds of weathered oil from water near NAS.

8/26: BP reported collecting 2,207 pounds from water near NAS.

8/25: 3,255 pounds were collected from the Fort Pickens beach.

8/26: 2,123 pounds was collected from the Fort Pickens beach.

Read the full report here.

7 comments to COVERUP: Documents show tons of submerged oil being removed by the bucket full from Pensacola coast — Feds, BP still in public denial

  • premurdered

    Do you know where this toxic stew is being dumped? At the LANDFILL, where it will continue to cause heath problems for decades. The same place they tossed our beautiful wild/sealife. We will pay dearly for this barbaric act of greed and apathy. Many will perish for their hideous acts.

  • turtledove

    @premurdered, anyone else got the sense BP is dumping their toxins up and down the atlantic coast as well?
    That’s a topic that deserves focused scrutiny. First thought when oil/tarballs showed up on NJ INLAND beach, suspect waste barges dumping spreading offshore as another part of BP’s highly guarded toxin waste compounds where no one knows the entirety of where it ALL goes for “disposal”.
    BP/Feds claim “oh, warm waters are creating fishkills on eastern coasts” magically separating oil/dispersant from the waters. Nevermind the orange jelly substance found in NY as well. Yeah, right.

  • I saw the helicopters observing the oil when it was ON TOP of the water. Evidently they were there plotting to put dispersant on it so it would be out of sight. WHY did they not just scoop it up then… Now I am angry all over again. Who made this decision? Our local politicians had to know… Anybody got any names associated with this other than BEE PEE????

  • This immense disaster is the worst I
    have ever heard of or encountered
    in my lifetime. Just throw the wildlife
    in the dump!! BP and its contractors are
    no more than savages and should be punished
    but not by the corrupt judiciary system
    who dismisses laws to suit themselves.
    Is everything in this sovereign country
    based on cover-ups? It is time the American
    people ban together and and expel the
    scum in the same manner which was
    inflicted on other innocent people and
    the marine and animal life. Is this
    depopulation in action?

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