“There are no crabs” — “Parasites inside of their lungs eating them alive” (VIDEO)

Lorrie Williams, Rally for the Truth via Mobile Broadcast News, November 20, 2010:

6 comments to “There are no crabs” — “Parasites inside of their lungs eating them alive” (VIDEO)

  • soozla

    Please believe your friends,neighbors and the scientists that are not BP shills.
    Oil and dispersant is eroding the shoreline and killing off the marine life in the area.
    The problem is– the truth is almost unbearable.

  • Daniel Hughes

    It IS unbearable. There aren’t enough ways to punish BP and the U.S. Government for this.

  • soozla

    Yes, I was being mild. The truth is unbearable. But I’d rather be trying to tell this terrible truth than stand around doing nothing and all the time knowing.

  • The U.S. Government and corporations are *never* properly taken-to-task; any disgruntled entity will be met with intense personal scrutiny, nonverbal threats [but very loud], loss of employment, and often, death.

    And — just look at what they’ve done: They have most young adults prepared to pull-the-plug on granny because they’ve been led to believe the bad economy is due to the elderly and disabled. Ha!!!

    However, in July 2008/9, Social Security was moved into the treasury funds — after years of the government dipping into *it*, for whatever. It’s like dipping a deep ladle into a honeypot; but the gov tells us grandpa and grandma are on a medical spending frenzy and that’s where the money went. They believe it! Now, most young and middle-aged people prefer that the elderly are left to die, and to heck with eye surgery….

    BP will never be appropriately penalized.
    The Gulf of Mexico is almost dead. Most of the marine life are dead and dying, and in a cruel manner. Psychopaths are without conscience.

    You don’t matter to them.

  • premurderedGOM

    just when you think there are no more tears, they fall like rain….

  • credit for this video needs to be acknowledged with a link … what you’re doing is rude.. I’m just pointing it out because you’re being rude to me.


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