Paper: Oil seeping into ground risks DRINKING WATER degradation for coastal areas — Buried crude “WILL BE THERE FOR ALL TIME”

Gulf oil spill: After it hit beaches, where did it go?, Christian Science Monitor, September 15, 2010:


Oil that remains trapped under a marsh or buried beneath a beach is particularly threatening because the lack of oxygen will prevent bacteria from breaking down the oil, meaning “it will be there for all time,” says Nancy Kinner, codirector of The Coastal Response Research Center at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. …

The risks of having oil hidden so deep below the surface are numerous… Drinking water is degraded; the food chain is affected because organisms like mussels and crustaceans are threatened…

Oil that makes its home below sand is also vulnerable to seasonal storms, which means it is potentially mobile and can represent “a new release of oil into the environment” when it returns to the freshwater table, Kinner says.

Frank Galgano, chair of the geography and environment department at Villanova University near Philadelphia, says … “That’s the most insidious part of that [coastal] oil that’s trapped. Eventually, over many years, it’ll seep lower and lower into the system,” he says.

Read the report here.

7 comments to Paper: Oil seeping into ground risks DRINKING WATER degradation for coastal areas — Buried crude “WILL BE THERE FOR ALL TIME”

  • I agree with Doug Inkey at the National Wildlife Federation: We cannot cleanup all of the oil; it can’t be done.

    The ongoing oil volcano has already sealed our fate. The question is — “how many times over?”

    Don’t let BP off-the-hook: All humanity, all members of the animal kingdom, and the whole of the Earth is undergoing a fate rendered by a bunch of elitist, whose souls are drunk on power as they engage in their perpetual profits party.

  • Billy Dale

    With the possible poisoning of the water and air, why are people not being evacuated?

  • Marilyn

    Why are they not being evacuated you say , because, it would cause widespread panic, and the government would have to pay to move all these people and look after them all ………. the government is not ready to admit there is something wrong. If they evacuated everyone, that would be an admittance of wrong doing. Hatred and riots would take over………. the government wouldn’t want that would they ? ( I am being cynical there )

  • Marilyn

    What I don’t understand is…… with the amount of information available about this oil spill and the damage it is causing the environment, wildlife and humans – notice I put us at the end of the list, as we were the ones that created this whole mess – why are they not getting out of the coastal region – I would think that anyone that stays there on their own free will deserves what they get – the oil spill damages will carry on for a great many years, it’s only going to get worse from here – get out now while you can.

  • My friend in Naples, Florida says she is getting out soon. She is going to the northwest USA.

    She has been sick a lot in Florida and more so since the spill so they decided to get out.

  • xdrfox

    September 16, 2010 at 8:13 pm … Can you imagine what would happen on the stock market, banks when everything on the Gulf including all of Florida and the reality property values would turn worthless in a moment of the knowledge of these things. … Where would the gov. put 70 to 90 million people ? All coastal of Gulf within 100 miles. All of Florida. They could not even move 20 thousand from N.O.La. Most people have roots/jobs and their lives savings in their homes, Start over at a stage in their lives with ? What city’s would want a sudden population growth of 100’a of thousands per city ?

  • Marilyn

    xdrfox – the oil spill will affect the region forever – what do you propose these people do – stay there, get sick and die ? The news I read everyday is horrifying about this oil spill and what it does to the environment, wildlife and humans. I live in Canada, and although the oil spill does not directly affect me, it will over time. In fact it does affect me now, it sickens me the damage that is done – the gulf coast is done , and I believe that the people of the USA had better start standing up for their rights as human beings and demand the government to do something and to at least once speak the truth about what is going on and what affects it will have – at least it will give the people a choice as to what they want to do. If I were there – I would have moved a long time ago. Maybe if people do start migrating from that area – the government might think about actually doing something about it. The fisherman, etc. have nothing now, so why stay, it’s not going to get better for them for hundreds of years.

    And xdrfox – be it that they may have their life savings in their homes – it’s not going to save them from illness etc. Sell now and get out, or stay and get sick, what choice do they have. I know what my choice would be.

    Bless all those people, and wildlife along the coast – for they have done nothing wrong.

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