Current TV: Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying (VIDEO)

Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying! Video of the dying!, Current TV, March 20, 2011:

You won’t see this in national headlines! Jennifer Rexford, a BP-hired oil spill cleanup worker has been documenting her condition that is getting worse by the day. Filming herself and her coworkers, all American workers, all are DYING and BP is NOT taking responsibility!!!! Severe neurological damage, paralysis, internal bleeding, death! Check out Jennifer’s Youtube page, there are more videos. Watch her story. Watch her talk to BP claims line. Tragic!

If you would like to help Jennifer, email jmrexford80 (at)

29 comments to Current TV: Thousands of Gulf Oil Spill clean-up crew are dying (VIDEO)

  • C.Dodds

    The treatment Jennifer is getting is not acceptable. There should be some kind of government workers’ compensation available in USA. Why is it becoming like a third world country? I will pray for you Jennifer.

  • isaac

    ” Safe enough to eat on pancakes ”

    ” Only 5,000 barrels a day ”

    ” Etc, etc ”

    I wonder if Tony Hayward’s eating steak or Lobster tonight on his yacht.

  • soozla

    …take good care of yourself,Jennifer
    …we are all praying for you.
    …we are all fighting for you and all the others that have been abused by the BP/GOV.

  • Nancy Lazaryan

    John Hutchison and I have been working on cleaning the Gulf waters using frequencies..AND we have also had symptoms of the Corexit poisoning.

    It is SURFACTANT poisoning. “Soapy blood”. If your child drinks a cup of Dawn dish detergent, the emergency room treatment is to have the child drink a cup of vegetable oil.

    We use OLIVE oil. It attaches to the hydrocarbons (BP oil) that in in the body. 1/4 cup daily..more if we have headaches and/or respiratory distress.

    ALSO–very important—MINERALS
    Calcium and Magnesium (liquid, if possible), Vitamin C, potassium and L-Lysine. Echinechea helps on “really bad Corexit foaming everywhere days”…but you have to take it on a full stomach.

    As the waters in the Gulf of Mexico warm, the Corexit disperant oil is going to rise and vaporize. VERY dangerous.

    Others where we are at have been DROPPING OVER DEAD. We have told people that are sick in the community what we are doing to protect our health, and the reports back have been it is helping them, as well.

    It is not the “best solution” for surfactant poisoning. The medical solution for severe surfactant poisoning is DIALYSIS.

    To those that are seeing doctors, tell them you want to be tested for SURFACTANT POISONING. Insist on blood tests for VOCs and PAHs.

    Be well. Be strong. John and I send our love.

    Nancy Lazaryan

  • Slick Vick

    Jennifer, are they still spraying corexit?? What is the latest occurrence of this you and/or others have seen?? Are they still spraying corexit on a daily basis as far as you are concerned???

    bless you

  • patty t., alabama

    Nancy–I think I saw your ‘device’ in a video a few months ago. How is that going? Do you have a website?

  • Laura m.

    Why don’t people leave?? We have freedom to relocate elsewhere, so people can move away from the contamination if they really wanted to.

  • Swindon1

    AS one who did leave Florida, I can tell you it is more complicated than it looks, and worse when you are already ill. Its takes money which these people do not have, and a place to go, and that takes money. Everything takes the almighty dollar. I went to three doctors before one would actually treat me. That costs. We need a money bomb for these people. And places they can stay.

    So many tears…..

  • xdrfox

    Laura m.
    Sell your home to Whom ?
    In this housing market ??
    Get a new job where ??
    In this job market ?
    What job market ?
    I know people that have moved and still with out a job after 6 months !
    The house down here has not been sold !
    Multiple bills in 2 locations !
    Savings don’t last fore ever, they are getting low on funds !

    Want to by a nice house in Florida ?
    Anyone ? Many available to Suckers who want to live in this poison !

    My choice last spring was go up into Washington Oregon region and camp in the woods and wait for a bear to eat me !

    People that want out are stuck between a roof over their heads with pollution and sickness or somewhere else homelessness and appearing as derelict street urchins !

    I know people with 2 homes that can not get out ! The longer your in it the worse your heath becomes !

    Of course it’s up to the individual to make wise decision and no one else to think for them, after all the people that are in the areas know what they can and can not bring about !

  • xdrfox

    Hi Swindon1, was typing before you posted, Ready to have a bear tug at your leg and mine together ?

    : D

  • xdrfox

    FOSL can you see about getting inf. on the young man who died Jennifer was with there and when ?? You did an article on him a while back !

  • C.Dodds

    xdrfox and Gulf coast dwellers,

    It is best to camp in the woods than have one’s family’s or one’s own health ruined by not moving, uncomfortable though it may be for a time. Good luck with finding jobs! Without sufficient health you can do nothing.

  • xdrfox

    It’s just me, Your not going to offer me the couch ?

    : )

  • Trisha Springstead RN

    Anyone who says this is not real, comon down to Panama City and take a nice swim and eat some poison seafood. While we are all over the world bombing and at war, that money could be spent taking care of the people in the US. Coast Guard is puzzled at a 30 mile stretch of oil???? WTF, the Solution to Pollution is not POISONOUS Dilution.

  • Daniel Hughes

    xdrfox, Laura m., et al.

    Here’s an idea. Perhaps folks wanting/ needing to get out of there now could investigate caretaking jobs, where you basically live in someone’s property and maintain it for room and board or some other arrangement. There are lists of those posted in various locations. Maybe that’s a solution for some?

  • Daniel Hughes

    Long-term living arrangements, some of them are.

  • Its me

    I wonder how Jennifer is doing now? And how many in PC are sick and having symptoms?

  • Rebecca

    Response to Surfactant Poisoning, this is not Surfactant poisoning:
    If you know the lady discussing surfactant, she needs to be corrected. Surfactants do not cause problems, in corexit you have 2 butoxy ethanol, and DOSS. this is what causes the problems. The 2 butoxy ethanol breaks down the lipid layer of your skin and this allows toxins directly in your blood stream. 2 Butoxy ethanol also causes red blood cells to burst which can lead to kidney and liver problems. Once exposed to corexit with 2 butoxy ethanol, you will have some long term effect in the future as well. By the way dawn detergent has 2 butoxy ethanol in it which is why it is so bad for humans, I am not sure how they can be allowed to sell it to the public, it has 6% 2 butoxy ethanol where corexit has 33%.
    It is the total concentration of 2 butoxy ethanol, not just the surfactant.
    Thanks for Sending this,

  • xdrfox

    Daniel Hughes
    Many states require special licensing, training to have such jobs, requiring schooling class’s, test to pass, waiting for your certification from State. Best to look into before the move.

  • MOVE to VT or somewhere safer

    Make arrangements with churches or social service agencies elsewhere…Please, before it’s too late! Sell your material goods, pack up your car and/or get an Amtrak ticket, what have you…and save your life!

  • It is the few they allow to stay alive in the end that will have it the worst-those who die first are the lucky ones-as soon as the satanic Rothschilds-bring the population down to a minimum that can be controlled-too few in numbers to resist-that the mark of the beast will begin-a technological nightmare-converting humans into robot slaves-with altered DNA-pig DNA, that is their plan. The Quakes now are manmade-by the Rothschilds-the oil spill was no accident-it and so much more is being done to kill most of us off-I would rather die now than become a part of the Rothschild future NWO-prison consisting of all the entire planet earth-run by sick satanic sadistic monsters.

  • xdrfox

    Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet
    Common Name: 2-BUTOXY ETHANOL

  • Florida Knows

    Who is spraying and where? Cannot you get on a media show to tell the true gulf story so you can get the gulf residents help?

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