“Dangerously High Levels”: Snapper caught near Pensacola, FL “contaminated with nearly 3,000 PPM of total petroleum hydrocarbons”

EXCLUSIVE TEST RESULTS: Red Snapper Sample from Off Pensacola Shows Dangerously High Levels of Contamination – Nearly 3,000 PPM of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Stuart H. Smith, Esq. blog, December 16, 2010:

…11-pound red snapper caught off the coast of Pensacola in September.

The certified lab results show the viscera (i.e., internal organs) to be contaminated with nearly 3,000 PPM of total petroleum hydrocarbons – a dangerous level by any standard.

Such high levels of toxicity… [the] results clearly call into question the safety of the seafood coming out of the Gulf.

  • Sample description: Red Snapper – 11 lbs.
  • Sampled on: September 2010 by commercial fishing captain
  • Sample location: 30 + miles SW of Pensacola, FL
  • Testing by: ALS Laboratory of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

… The viscera were found to be contaminated with 2,970 mg/Kg, (parts per million), of total petroleum hydrocarbons, of which 1,784 mg/Kg were in the C17 to C35 range, and 263 ppm were in the C36 to C50 range. These are dangerously high contamination levels.

See test results.

4 comments to “Dangerously High Levels”: Snapper caught near Pensacola, FL “contaminated with nearly 3,000 PPM of total petroleum hydrocarbons”

  • You are sharing incredibly important information. And may I mention that fish tissues have been building up concentrations of pollutants before the most damaging and irresponsible “BP spill.” A lot of difficult work is necessary now, made more difficult because the thick layers at surface of water weren’t immediately removed.

  • Vicki_in-Greece:

    At the pressure and volume of the ejected oil — like an oil volcano, it would have been impossible to cap the well much earlier than it had been: There was over 100,000 lbs of pressure pushing it from below, and therefore, impossible to remedy straight away.

    Lindsay Williams provided that information within a couple of weeks following the oil catastrophe.

  • I am shocked


  • premurderedGOM

    The restaurants are packed with the clueless. Lots and lots of clueless.

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