Darth Vader-like creature “is replacing red crabs in the habitat we have sampled” (VIDEO & PHOTO)

USM’s Gulf Coast Research Lab studying oil spill impact, WLOX, November 3, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

“From the trapping survey, we found a less healthy population. They were dead, most of them were dead when they arrived at the surface. They had enough energy to get in the trap and normally they will survive that trip from the bottom to the surface. We found fewer numbers and at one of our productive sites, we didn’t find any red crabs,” [Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Researcher Harriet Perry has been studying red crabs since the 1980’s] said.


Perhaps more unusual than the absence of crabs, was the abundance of another species.

“This is the deep sea isopod, bathenomis,” Perry said, while holding one of the strange looking creatures, “And it is replacing red crabs in the habitat we have sampled so far.”

This bizarre looking creature, with a face like Darth Vader, has always been there though little is known about it.

Full video here:

6 comments to Darth Vader-like creature “is replacing red crabs in the habitat we have sampled” (VIDEO & PHOTO)

  • Chelsea

    It’s not some strange and unknown creature – it’s a giant isopod. They forage the seabed for dead creatures. Likely, the crabs were already dead, which is what attracted them. They are pretty harmless to us, but they are like vultures; where there is death on the seafloor, there they are, much like how vultures swarm around death onland. Not a good omen. And the fact that they are finding, like, more than 1 at a time is telling. They are swarming these the dead creatures on the seafloor and while the Isopod does share the same habitat, it’s usually the crabs that win control of the habitat… not the isopods. But if everything’s dead…. 🙁

  • nosilverspoon

    If they forage the bottom for dead things, they should live like kings for millions of years in the GOM…..

  • Chelsea

    @nosilverspoon- They are parasites, and will eventually become the main endemic species in the GOM. They can be fished for, but the problem with that is that they rarely make it on the pull back up to the surface.

    More information – Their genus and species name is properly: Bathynomus giganteus (this article misspelled Bathynomus). They ARE crustaceans, but their subphylum is about where it ends for any relationship between them and crabs/shrimp/lobster.

    I would be more concerned if they found a female carrying fertilized eggs. That then means that they were able to spawn early. They usually spawn in the early spring and during the winter months when food is more abundant. But if they’ve spawned now, that means.. well, food is most abundant now, after BP killed everything.

  • Karen

    the really horrific truth is there were clean up products giant organic sponges and other products that nuetralized the oil that could have and should have been used. the fact that this death spray was used is evidence they want to kill you and all living creatures and destroy the earth, do you believe in luciferians now? they created him and are inbred insane greedy people who are also doing illegal gold mining! people in florida why r u silent do do doing public daily gathering until the big news medias take notice this is the end folks! they have underground cities and space shuttles and even tried to terra form another planet which failed with your tax dollars while you starve and struggle! millions of people need to rise and be one voice and take back their liberties, freedoms, and just say no to big oil big banks band together and buy up large chunks of land and start coops, grow your own and be free from individualism which is designed at this point to fragment. God Bless the people in Gulf! I am selling share of my farm if anyone is interested! in mo.

  • Say no to big banks by buying up large chunks of land? Where would you get the loan for that land? I don’t think people have cash in a leather pouch, tied to a leather string, and pulled up to the highest limb in the tallest tree for safe keeping.

    And, why buy land that will be toxic for multiple centuries? Perhaps you meant to start *coops* in areas far away from the GOM, where the soil is uncontaminated.

    You won’t find crops free of toxins if grown in and around the gulf — nor meat from animals who live in-or-out of the water. The GOM has been destroyed.

    You won’t even be able to give the land away, unless we conquer death and continue to live for centuries elsewhere as the land heals.

    I wouldn’t buy an apple if grown in the GOM, and I realize my favorite meat — shellfish, is a thing-of-the-past, unless I buy extremely expensive shellfish from elsewhere.

    Ahhhhh! It was good while it lasted.

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