Two dead baby dolphins found with “what looked like oil on their faces” — “We really can’t speculate” on what caused their death

Gulf Spill Investigated As Cause Of Dolphin Deaths, NPR, February 25, 2011:

At least two of the dead calves found over the past few days had what looked like oil on their faces.

Mandy Tumlin, the marine mammal coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, says those calves were discovered by cleanup crews surveying the beach of Grand Terre Island in southeast Louisiana.

“We’re concerned but we really can’t speculate. There’s a lot of factors that could play a role in an animal’s death,” she says.

Listen to the audio here.

37 comments to Two dead baby dolphins found with “what looked like oil on their faces” — “We really can’t speculate” on what caused their death

  • poo

    ANCHOR: For more, we go live to Biff Chetley reporting…

    FIELD ANCHOR: Thanks Tom. It appears today that NO and SHIT have had a meeting and this, is what we found…

  • This is a crime against humanity and all Earths’ creatures! It’s sad and reprehensible.

    The pictured dolphin did not have oil or blood on its face, and the blood behind it looks like fresh blood caused by the researchers scapels, so, obviously the dolphin she’s working on is not the dolphin written about here, or it’s not in the condition in which it was found.

    Nonetheless, the dolphin pictured is another victim of BP’s purposeful negligence, and an insatiable appetite for more-and-more wealth.

  • ivanthedestroyer

    Organize Environmental Groups and March on Wall Street. Take BP Stock Down.

  • ivanthedestroyer:

    You said, “Organize Environmental Groups and March on Wall Street,” and I ask you *why?*.

    Do you think the environmental groups have been successful thus far? Do the people who live along the Gulf of Mexico feel that NOAA, university study groups, EPA*, private researchers, our legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government — have effectively sought to provide appropriate medical and monetary help for those in desperate need and living along the Gulf coast? Or, do you think that BP has been held responsible for the oil catastrophe?

    Is BP a lone miscreant amongst many oil companies? Are you ready to freeze to death, or to shutdown nearly every food resource available to assuage your sense of right-and-wrong?

    I hope you’re not one of those who think it’s okay to burn ‘corn for fuel’ and to say “to h*ll with those who are hungry in 3rd world countries.” Will the wealth of BP oil feed us when we can no longer provide food for our families? Is BP feeding those who have lost their jobs because of BP’s negligence and greed?

    No! They just dropped some pennies in the church collection tray, and are now exclaiming, “See us! See how good we are. See how generous we are. See our goodness.”

    And, as they sing their own praises, their victims are on their way to dying and losing their homes…

    Look at how well BP stock is doing right now! None of the above *assistances* has prevented the bad boys from continuing in their criminal enterprises and the neglect of their responsibilities.

  • ivanthedestroyer:

    We’re doing more to help the people who live along the Gulf Coast than our government. Blogs are like messages to the world — like distress signals.

    Perhaps real help will come. I feel like a child and will “wish upon a star.”

  • ivanthedestroyer

    What do you want to do … Lay down and Cry? The Real World is the Issue and In case you don’t pay Attention … If Wall Street Whines, the GLOBE Jumps, including, the US government. So, you can either “sit and hope” that the oil spill goes away and that BP pays people their Claims … ( which is Stupidity beyond Recognition), or You can Get Real and Win the Fight.

    A Few Days of Wall Street being Down Wont Hurt Anyone! I don’t think you are Aware of that FACT. What do you suggest: writing BP a letter of Woe? They will Laugh at YOU! Do you think the government Cares? Where is the president? He could Care less. Government lies and BS! However, one thing they all care about “WALL STREET.”

    You do realize, BP stock has Doubled since the Spill?

    Perhaps, You are a Lemming?

    When YOU March … YOU must Have CLEAR and Absolute DEMANDS TO BE MET, Otherwise, YOU GET NOTHING. Marching for Whales wont Get Anything, but Marching for “Peoples Rights and BP Claims” …That’s a Whole Different Matter!

    Now, Honey, Imagine how Quick BP will Meet YOUR demands when their Stock Tanks!

  • soozla

    Scientists can’t recognize OIL by sight?

  • soozla

    IT’S oil , damn it. OIL!

  • ivanthedestroyer:

    You’ve just proven that throwing a temper tantrum is not an effective way to bring about change. In addition, you’ve just baptised my points…:

    Have you arrived at Wall Street yet? If not, please take your “CLEAR and Absolute DEMANDS TO BE MET, Otherwise YOU GET NOTHING” analysis, and put them in a gunny sack — and convey your points to the GLOBE — and watch it jump.

    What you’ll get is a little buckshot up your butt. You’re too impulsive to be effective. And don’t fantasize that Wall Street cares about you alone, or in union with over 300 million American citizens. Wall Street doesn’t care; as a matter-of-fact, Wall street is in cahoots with the Shadow Government to bring us down — and they’re doing exactly that. That’s right. The international banks have you ‘sacked’.

    Please, wipe the peanut and jelly from your mouth.

  • ivanthedestroyer

    Biscuit, you’re a delusional child and will never see any success in the gulf. You are doing absolutely everything they want. You will be forgotten and the suffering will continue.

    They OWN YOU. You are too much in love with an Evil Culture of Corporate greed and you are helpless.

    Go Cry to Bp you idiot!

  • ivanthedestroyer

    You are so Blind Biscuit … Look around the World. Look How Change Comes … Angry FISTS and Protests bring Change, honey. Oh, and if you are so worried about the shadow governments and banks then …WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, because WALL STREET is their WEAK POINT.

    I was a trader and I made loads of money -independently- because I know how the rot works. I don’t have to worry about banks or anything else for that matter … I own my future. Your Rambling will bring no results and if you’re afraid then DOUBLE YOUR LOSS, because without RISK THERE IS NO REWARD.

    Tell me, What do you plan, a letter of Woe to BP begging for help?

    Perhaps, a Letter to Obama?

    BRAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHh…. MORON, this WORLD is Garbage because of people “like you” who fear the buckshot … COWARD!!!

  • ivanthedestroyer:

    Please go change your diaper. You’ve made quite a mess here and I’m sure you’re proud of it.

    Whew!!! You can’t *potty train* everyone, especially those toddlers who cherish whatever they spew forth as eternal jewels.

    *Shoot’em ups* serve the feverish who have lost their self respect and God. Those of us who are willing to wait until we have consumed all other possibilities — are the most effective needles-in-the-haystack. We wait before we polish and shoot.

    To do otherwise would be like scrubbing the kitchen floor, and then immediately throw a bowl of gravy on it.

  • Why is my comment, timed Saturday @ 7:23pm still “awaiting moderation?” And why is ivanthedestroyer free of the same moderation, given that he just about called me every name in the book?

    See ivanthedestroyers’ comments that preceded my comments. His are @ 4:47 pm, 5:30pm, 6:15pm, and 6:49pm.

    MODERATOR: Believe it or not, I think it is because of the phrase “eternal jewels”… which contains the word “jew” and gets flagged for moderation. The comment software is a bit sensitive and not too ‘smart’. It appears most curse words are allowed, but comments with possibly racist terminology are flagged.

  • monkey99

    all right you two, knock it off. i adore both of you and your chatter. btw this is what “they” want, in-fighting among us so we remain as scattered as the rest of the sheeple. now, let’s continue to inform and rally The People. May We all do what We are able to. Please keep carrying the torch TOGETHER and let’s all try just a little bit harder to free The People. Thank you.

  • monkey99:

    You better stop being so sweet or I’m gonna kiss and hug you until you plead for mercy! I do declare that some people are as sweet as the sound of my singing voice. It puts you in mind of pure harmony.

    Yep. It sure soothes the soul.

  • monkey99

    doin’ what i can in this crazy land! now sweet BiscuitandButter, and Ivan and the rest of you soulful people…

    all TOGETHER now

    now lets all kiss, hug and muckruck this place up!

    p.s. if you are trying to post more than 2 links at a time you are going to be in the pergatory of moderation FOREVER. if this is the case, i say split ’em up into 2 or more posts and presto chango! you should be posted immediately. -thanks endlessly to sweet soozla for this magic trick

  • soozla:

    You’re right as rain. Of course it’s BPs’ oil and of course BP knows it; BP will lie until they’re greeted by their maker — and even then, will still deny it is oil or that it has their ‘chemical signature’ which is chemically undeniable.

  • soozla

    Yes… they will lie to you and their makers..because they are cowards..
    Yes..with money and power..still snivelling little cowards.

  • soozla

    wow-you must want the people to get together very badly—for you to call me sweet! sheesh!
    I have hopes of people gathering together and demanding assistance.
    And I’m not saying it won’t happen..but
    many of the people of these states.. don’t even have awareness of the situation. The local governments are on the dole and the local media bribed or intimidated.
    Local people have to force the local media to pay attention.. and that is only done by group involvement and a commitment to help others.
    This has to begin locally…
    And it needs to begin soon..before people are too sick andtoo broke to protest.
    And believe me that is just what they are waiting for.
    They are waiting for the people to be grateful for that cot in the FEMA camps and all the fresh seafood they plan on serving.

  • Jack

    “This has to begin locally…”
    Sorry, Sooz, but being a real specific tactician and strategist
    myself, I cringe at general urge-on-crowd messages with no
    clear plan of clearly defined actions-contingencies-evaluations of success-or-failure-feedback-rework-and-go-onward type programs.
    Do you Think that everybody massing for Protest will
    accomplish Any Damned Thing?
    I don’t.
    If local media get real busy and there is lots of “group commitment” and helping of others, does this solve the
    fact of the continuous oil-gas-volatiles flowing into the sea
    and the environment?
    Do you think that there is a Defensible Line, a Battle-of-NewOrleans type of barricade where we can Hold off the Evil Forces?
    I KNOW there is not such a defensible place.
    Media reporters face a choice of Keeping their Employment
    OR Writing for The PEOPLE. If they Git Too Big fer their Britches, the reporters simply git BUMPED OFF.
    If you think you wanna live, GIT OFF THE BEACH! Like the guy said to the Marine freshly landed at Okinawa.

  • I am sure the caetacians have a much bigger role to play than we give them credit for.

    the water contamination is just heart breaking and the people who have the lively hood invested in the fishing and water based economies should be helped by goverment funding.

  • Jack

    All “Government Funding” is now Chinese Play Money.
    There is soon to be the Total Collapse of the Economy.

  • soozla

    @ Jack–
    I place no bets on the effectiveness of any mass demonstration…and held back saying it ain’t gonna happen.
    Still to voice no public outcry .. means total submission, capitulation to the whims of a private company and our corrupt government.
    Ineffective to change things? probably..
    But some show of public support should happen anyway…to show empathy and provide emotional succor to the people.
    The people deserve to know they are loved.

  • ivanthedestroyer


    I do apologize for my harsh words, but I’m used to Bare Knuckle Brawls with Corporate swine. I seek them out. You are not one, therefore, I mistook your sentiment.

    I do not prescribe to the doctrine of the pacifist, because it is clearly obvious, SHEEP GET SHEARED! I have not advocated any violence -none- what so ever, merely Protesting on Wall Street is a Constitutionally Protected Act: Rights to Free Speech and Assembly.

    The government is owned by corporate America. You cannot vote them out. You cannot get them out. Only a Confrontational Form of Activism will get them out. I know that Money is their weakness, therefore, if Americans control Wall Street, they control their government.

    If you have a better Idea, I would like to hear it?

  • Jack

    The “Firm” of Goldman, Sachs, equals the “Federal Reserve”, and equals “The World Bank”, and equals the so-called
    nation of Israel. They are one and the same entities.
    They are the Satanic Corporate Authority in this EVIL World.
    Your USA Military is Commanded by these Horrible Demons.
    “BP” is merely a subsidiary of this Satanic Beast.
    They are Murderous Demonic Forces in the World.
    Thank You Jesus I don’t have membership with them. AMEN.

  • ivanthedestroyer

    Demonstrations are not Useless.

    Look around the world. Demonstrations are getting results. Why can`t Americans Demonstrate effectively? Protesting in some back alley, sure, a pure idiotic waste of time. However, Protesting on Wall Street … NOW, what do you think will happen when BP loses 10-percent of its market value per day?

    They will pay Claims and Meet Demands Instantly.

    Sure, the teachers, Firemen, and police are doing it … There is momentum… this is the time to coordinate with the unions and bring wall street down. Now, I know everyone is afraid, but if this is not done … the Alternative is TOTAL SLAVERY TO CORPORATE AMERICA. BP WILL GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING. LIFE IN AMERICA WILL CHANGE FOR THE WORSE.


  • soozla

    What else can it be but the worship of evil that could compel people to such cruelty?
    The Beast controls them.
    ….so not one of them either. AMEN

  • Jack

    They deserve the Tough Love that says, “your old life is
    quite obviously OVER, your old home is DEAD!”
    If I had it available, I would right now offer a place to run for
    thousands of families, ideally up Northwest like some farm-and-woodland-ranch country, everybody could start out real communal and desperate. But…
    I don’t have my own place, even.
    Wall Street IVAN,
    It’s TOO LATE.
    Wall Street is totally corrupted, US Currency is nearly DEAD.
    You control your future because you took Wall Street earnings and converted them into REAL ASSETS, correct?
    People need REAL ASSETS NOW! Not a chance at a rigged
    Israeli Game, where they can Day-Trade and Pay Fees and
    WHO THE HELL has any “MONEY” anyway?
    Repent, the End is Near
    Thank You Jesus! HalleluYah!

  • soozla

    Whoa there –I’m not the one with the Wall Street assets.
    You must have me confused with Biscuit or Ivan..can’t recall ..exactly who said that.God knows how many times Ive tried the tough love thing.
    It’s over..there is no repair of the Gulf. There is no rescue of the people…

  • Jack & soozla:

    I ain’t got no Wall Street assets! It’s ivanthedestroyer who claims to have those.

    Everyone! Please read what you’re gonna comment on. Or else you’re gonna be seen as someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying. People in hysterics are like that.

    For God’s sake, put the blame on the culprit.

  • These articles and our comments on the topics, are like distress signals. The world will see our “SOS”.

    BP will have its demonic black claws fully exposed, and possibly removed at the insistence of the people. There are many different groups who will gasp at the new knowledge concerning BP, and will yell and scream so loudly that their universities and their families wealth and connections may be used to put BP out of its misery.

    BP has consistently ‘thrown caution to the wind’ in order to make more money even faster, ordering their workers to go, go, go! Drill faster — go man, move it! Faster! Drill baby drill, until the Earth puked from the pressure and force used against it, and — it is still puking!

    And what was the weapon BP used against humanity and the animal kingdom? Pure greed.

  • Yea, Ivan!!

    Ivan is right. You all sound like you have rolled over and are playing dead. It IS a bad scene, but we don’t need a loser attitude to add to it. How do you think we won the Revolutionary War, WWI, and WWII? Was it easy? Did it fall in our laps? By throwing up our hands and accepting defeat?!! HARDLY!!!

    I’m sorry, Biscuit–you undeniably mean well, but you are propagating a defeatist, submissive attitude. (and please don’t be sanctimonious) Please man up and stand up for yourselves!!!

  • Kay

    BP oil spill?

    If she’s not too busy hire
    Aaron Abrokovich, She will
    change things….

  • xdrfox

    Pelicans saved from Gulf oil stick to new homes
    RUSS BYNUM, Associated Press
    Updated 05:52 p.m., Friday, April 1, 2011

    And just because they survived the winter doesn’t necessarily mean they escaped harm altogether.

    “In general, the prognosis for oiled birds is not good — you can’t expect survival rates to be extremely high,” said Tom Stehn, a wildlife biologist at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast, where 172 rescued brown pelicans were released last year. “They’re clean, “>>>((but a lot of them have suffered internal organ damage from ingesting the oil))”.”<<<<

  • xdrfox

    Ga. pelicans rescued from Gulf oil spill return for nesting season; survival still in question

    RUSS BYNUM Associated Press
    First Posted: April 01, 2011

    Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the Texas coast, where 172 rescued brown pelicans were released last year. “They’re clean, <<<(((but a lot of them have suffered internal organ damage from ingesting the oil.")))<<<<…

    <<<(((The success birds on the Gulf coast have making babies could yield clues to whether the fish they eat and the water they drink have recovered or remain polluted.)))<<<<

    Some pelicans with bands identifying them…–Gulf-Oil-Spill-Pelicans/

  • xdrfox

    Portland documentary filmmaker tracks a pelican oiled in last year’s Gulf spill
    Friday, April 01, 2011
    The resulting 40-minute documentary, “Saving Pelican 895,” makes its HBO debut on April 20, the first anniversary of the night an explosion ripped through the Deepwater Horizon rig.

  • xdrfox

    Scientists grapple with BP oil spill’s cost to bird life

    By Rick Jervis, USA TODAY

    NEW ORLEANS — Pictures of pelicans slathered in oil during last summer’s BP oil disaster became iconic images of the event…..

    The official count is 8,065 live and dead birds affected by the spill, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports. That number includes 932 pelicans and 3,300 laughing gulls, the reports show…..

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