Oil-coated baby dolphin carried to shore by tourist dies (VIDEO); “Dolphin was crying” as “people scraped oil off”, Coast Guard unclear on cause of death

Oiled dolphin's rescue ends in death (PHOTO), Pensacola News Journal, June 24, 2010

Christy Travis first saw oil splotched along the beach as she approached the surf at Fort Pickens. Then she turned and saw a bottlenose dolphin in distress.

"It was heartbreaking. Everyone was crying,"  said Travis, 41, who was visiting with her family from Arkansas when they discovered the dolphin and joined with others in attempt to save it.

"We had oil all over us," Travis said. ...Travis said the dolphin was crying as people rushed to save it. She said people scraped oil off the dolphin with their hands.

Oil Covered Dolphin Rescued Off Pensacola Coast (VIDEO), WCTV CBS Tallahassee, June 23, 2010:

From all reports from deep in the Gulf of Mexico, there are hundreds of thousands of birds, fish, jellyfish and mammals that are dying because their habitats have been taken over by oil.

An oil-coated juvenile dolphin was rescued from the waves after beaching itself earlier in the day on a sandbar.

It turns out cleanup crews already out today mopping up hundreds of thousands of oil globs that descended on the white sandy beaches, but a few observant workers spotted the mammal and brought it to the attention of agency officials.

Oily Dolphin Discovered On Florida Beach, WPLG Channel 10 Miami, June 24, 2010:

A tourist from Arkansas said she and other beachgoers scraped oil off the dolphin with their hands before wildlife officers arrived. Christy Travis said they "had oil all over us."

25 comments to Oil-coated baby dolphin carried to shore by tourist dies (VIDEO); “Dolphin was crying” as “people scraped oil off”, Coast Guard unclear on cause of death

  • Glen Danzig

    who cares? it's only a dolphin/fish! eat it!

  • Mr Pants

    Glen Danzig, you're a monster. Dolphins are not fish, they are mammals. They're speech patters are just about as highly developed as humans. They are incredibly intelligent. Sorry I can't say the same for you. I feel sorry for any children you have or may have in the future. Surely they will grow up to be disgusting pigs such as yourself.

  • Nephilim

    Glen Danzig, thats not your real name, moron. You are an uneducated loser. I hope YOU DIE, IDIOT. Go hang yourself. Die.

  • Lynn D.

    All these things are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:8

  • Darc

    I hurt myself everytime I look at these pictures, but it is just an other reminder to stand up to these horrible cruel people that have a grip on this beautiful world.

  • Rich

    Makes me siCk, the perpetrators of this mess and FAILED cleanup from Bp and the gov should be tarred and feathered before there hanged., f** em all big an small! That 1 Dolphin life was worth more than them all, including the glen commenter here! When will humans get it ... : (

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