*DEADLINE IS TODAY* Sign Riki Ott’s letter to Congress — Simple Instructions

Riki has composed a letter to Congress, Please send signatures, Facebook Via Heather Dixey on Thursday, November 11, 2010:

*Comment: “You will need to look her up on facebook and send her a message with your name, city & state.”

(Link to Riki Ott’s Facebook page and then click ‘Send Riki Ott a Message’; It appears you must have a Facebook account to send a message. If you do not have a Facebook account: please try sending your information in an email to amend@rikiott.com)

Riki has composed a letter to Congress and we need people to sign on, either personally or on behalf of the group they represent. The letter requests Congress to take IMMEDIATE action during the lame duck session. Here is the gist:

“There are pressing needs, compelling reasons, and an opportunity to change this outcome by directing penalties paid by BP under the Clean Water Act to fund restoration of the Gulf Coast environment and public health.”

Please consider becoming a signatory.

Please message Riki Ott and she will add your name to the letter.

She will need your full name, city and state. If you are representing an NGO, she will need the name and URL of the group.

We need to send this out TOMORROW. Please respond ASAP and do not hesitate to ask others to sign on as well. I could not fit everyone on this message so I am sending it out several times. 

7 comments to *DEADLINE IS TODAY* Sign Riki Ott’s letter to Congress — Simple Instructions

  • xdrfox

    Are all the documented proofs of all the scientific inf. taken to this point, sickness of people and deaths it’s cause’s, bird and sealife deaths with proof’s of when, how, why ? If Only concerns and afraid they may be able to toss it for legal reasons just as the town hall talks of only hypothesis and no proofs. See … http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/gulf-town-hall-meeting-slated-do-s-and-don-ts

  • nosilverspoon

    Millions upon millions of Americans are poor, broke, struggling, starving, desperate and armed. Add to this picture an enviromental crisis the likes of which the U.S. has never faced. What do you get? A powder keg.

  • work.buy.consume.die.

    Your survival instincts has to quickly override your conditioned naivete.

  • No offence to Dr. Riki Ott, but I would never — ever, provide my personal information to anyone associated with a blog/webpage, because you never know who will have access to that info, or what type person he/she is.

    But I’m all for making calls to your legislators: I do one a week and will write a hand written letter in the next two weeks.

  • xdrfox

    It came out a few months ago that private companies are building data bases of names and faces of many of these type websites. Wonder who the client is ?

  • craig

    I will never join the control grid’s Facebook for anything. Sorry, but you need a better way to get the letter out and signed by FOSL readers.

  • The client, well, at least one of the clients is our friendly federal government. The feds want to know everything! They even have our Law Enforcement Officers taking blood samples at road stops, and people are *allowing* it — during a routine pullover.

    The federal government needs to know everything about you, asap. You see, they have plans for us, a new kind of housing and such — like concentration camps/gulags: Because, the pot is boiling over: People are fedup; guns are a dime-a-dozen; people are getting hungry….

    In such a case, the feds would like to know which gulag to send you to, and that depends on your age, physical and mental health, Rx’s you’re taking…. Having that knowledge will tell them which color train you get to travel in to your new home.

    The train with the red logo takes you to camps where euthanasia will be carried out. The train with the blue logo will take you to the slave, oops!, labor camps. Those lucky enough to live and work will be just as unimportant to the masters as pests are to you.

    We should do our own writing for as long as that wonderful privilege is available to us.

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