Report: Particularly deadly night on Perdido Key, FL (PHOTOS)

Particularly Deadly Night on Perdido Key, FL, What’s Up With the Gulf, March 1, 2011:

One more Juvenile Porpoise and Turtle found this morning on Perdido Key.

Credit: What's Up With the Gulf

More photos here.

2 comments to Report: Particularly deadly night on Perdido Key, FL (PHOTOS)

  • xdrfox

    Notice the algae on the turtle.

  • MrPanetela

    It ought to be very clear by now, our government is corrupt and bought off. This so call accident was intended, and the various agencies blocking progress of restoration is designed to keep the Gulf in a downward spiral until there is nothing left alive. I image the reason why is to kill a major economic money making resource, which would have devastating effects all across the American economy. If this proves true, there are truely evil people behind this, and they are the ones calling the shots and not our elected officials. Many if not all seem to be puppets to some outside interest. Question is who is really calling the shots and how do we intervene to put an end to this massive sharade. We need to stop attacking the lackies and proxies, and instead backtrack up the chain of command to the actual powers behind the thone, and somehow bring them to justice.

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