“As deep as you could go”: No matter how far they dig at beach, the oil is already there — BP dissolved the oil in the water and it seeped into sand

Oil Spill Survey: Public Trust in BP, Feds Diminished, The Vanguard (University of South Alabama), November 1, 2010:

Erin Capley, a graduate student working on her Master’s in environmental toxicology, echoed concerns held by 71 percent of respondents that the spill’s ecological damage is permanent.

“[BP] took a gamble with their knee-jerk reaction trying to appease us,” she said. “They are concerned with making people happy first, not the environment … Sand’s ability to transport water is very high.

“If the oil gets into the water, it will seep into the sand. No matter how deep they dig, it’s already there. You can treat it, but that’s a lot of sand, as deep as you could go.

“And crude has a lot of nasty stuff like Toluene that has been proven to cause organ failure or even cancer. We still don’t know the long-term effects of some of these things,” she explained. “BP basically dissolved the oil in the water. Now you can’t get it out; you can’t filter it; it’s in the ocean.”

6 comments to “As deep as you could go”: No matter how far they dig at beach, the oil is already there — BP dissolved the oil in the water and it seeped into sand

  • well now I KNOW

    I believe this to be a Bp website

  • xdrfox

    Synthia was designed to make oil slicker to slide through sand and rock, Why not the opposite affect reaching shores ? Did this happen in Alaska with going under the beaches in the sands and earth when the used Corexit ? Most I saw in clips they used Corexit in steamers to clean the rocks and shores.

  • Dixie


  • WAI

    There’s 173ppm hydrocarbon in the sand of a South Florida beach… lab showed 193pmm oil in shrimp caught 10/29… just not found by GOV Inc. They used their “corrects-it” the oil is still there and they knew it would never be cleaned up.

    The gov opened the Gulf because it helps BP. Yeah, GOP is worse then Dems but it happened with Dems and Repubs. Tea baggers are just the worst side of GOP corporate BS. It doesn’t matter who the players are because the game is the same… GOV Inc.

    DO you really wanna know how deep it goes? Three of every four oil and gas lobbyist worked for the federal government. Big oil lobbyist have been in charge of our energy policy for decades. We have to change the game so get rid of the lobbyist aka corporate bag men.. it’s a start. We really do need to start thinking differently and I’m thinking Coffee Party might be the answer… not today but 2012.


  • albert trimble

    >>well now I KNOW
    November 1, 2010 at 6:13 pm
    I believe this to be a Bp website<<

    Please explain exactly how you think FOSL is a BP website? Hmmm, let's see. By posting news that shows how bad the disaster is, and how BP is covering it up, and how people are getting sick, that helps BP….how? Maybe you're a troll paid by BP.

  • xdrfox

    Dixie … Being pre-Internet it is hard to find much on the subject or close-up pictures, seem much in many ways was suppressed to keep the spill minimal as possible in the news the duration of it and after during the legal process but still looking. But I did find some interesting things out so far and similarities I thought I would share. … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/246/203/Did_BP_Peddle_Propaganda_From_Exxons_Alaska_Spill_Ponys_And_Balloons.html

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