Deformed single-celled animals and plants found in oily sediment from Gulf — Other toxic effects observed near Desoto Canyon

Scientists discover ‘blizzard’ silting oil on bottom of Gulf, Sarasota Herald Tribune by Kate Spinner, May 26, 2011:

[…] Traces of oil were found in the top layer of the sediments, as well as single-celled plants and animals, some of which were deformed.

Oily sediments were also found near the Desoto Canyon, a prime fishing area. Near the same area, on the West Florida Slope, other toxic effects on the bottom of the food web have been observed. […]

23 comments to Deformed single-celled animals and plants found in oily sediment from Gulf — Other toxic effects observed near Desoto Canyon

  • I am to submit a report on this niche your post has been very very helpfull

  • beachbum

    I grew up down on the Gulf Coast, having just relocated inland over 150 miles. I feel landlocked. After seeing the Navy and Edgar Cayce’s inundation maps, I feel that I will soon own oceanfront property. I just can’t be a fisherman. Bah Humbug!
    Those I left behind are stuck in the idea that it is where they are supposed to be. I say, “If you are standing on the railroad tracks and see and hear a train coming, get the hell off the tracks. You mama didn’t raise no fool!” And I mean that literally.
    Peace out!

  • Mountain William

    ‘Gulf Coast Syndrome’
    A year after the BP disaster, some Southerners say they’re coming down with mysterious and frightening illnesses
    by Alex Woodward

    “This is the best-hidden secret perhaps in the history of our nation.”

  • This is how it is when something goes wrong and humans can’t stop their faults and disaster happens…

  • xdrfox

    Corexit and A Second product said @ 4:25 in Sea Brat4 Endocrine disruptor
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Friday, May 27, 2011

    Dangerous Amounts of Radioactive Material in the Gulf, Dr. Busby warns, SHOCKING REPORT
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Sunday, May 01, 2011

  • Jack

    Thanks, Doc Fox,
    I have wondered when a lotta Reports might be coming out about Spring Break-ers getting sick afterwards. I don’t know if any Local Gulf news outlets are taking the risk of crossing
    the BP Government by exposing any cases.
    Were all our warnings unnecessary? Is everything OK now?
    Thanks for all your attention to these issues, Doc.

  • beachbum

    No, everything is not ok. It is hurricane season and this sediment is going to get all stirred up.
    Never mind, go back to sleep. Don’t get your politicians involved, they got important taxes to raise. And don’t get your controlled mass media involved, they got a social agenda and entertainment. They do not have a real investigative reporter in the lot. Lullaby, please don’t cry, go to sleep little baby.
    Peace out!

  • That’s something which scientists keep discovering, so for me it’s quite an ordinary news, it becomes a cause of worry if scientists say they are totally giving up on this..

  • This is indeed a big concern, appreciate you spreading the word..

  • beachbum

    I drove up into the country two days ago looking for a little cross roads community to consider as a home for these weary bones. Left my home on the Gulf beaches and have wandered over 150 miles inland. My garden is doing great, but wonder about the radiation in the air. I do take zeolite, bentonite clay and seaweed/kelp almost everyday. I have a good supply of rosemary in its natural state, which, by the way, grows naturally on the beaches of many Gulf Coast communities. Doing what I can to stick around a little longer. Drinking plenty of doubled filtered water; staying away from red meat and seafood.
    I say this because the scientists and doctors and The Powers That Were are not putting out any useful info to assist you in staying alive. That’s up to you. Use your head, of your number just may be called next. And remember, God didn’t call it, you did when you did nothing at all.
    Peace out!

  • Sounds very interesting! I will check this out!

  • Patricia D Jenkins

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  • beachbum

    Dutchsinse (Youtube) has been putting it together as good as anyone I know. Notice that the winds around the southern Gulf and the Caribbean have almost stopped moving? That last little depression (Arlene) didn’t do normal, but just hung there for a while before moving ashore westward.And no Hurricanes for how many years now? Weird! One this year could be rough. The waters are plenty hot.
    Peace out!

  • Anonymos

    One Question:
    Could it be, that there is a connection between Corexit and the EHEC-Outbreak (Corexitmicrobes bring mutation to EHEC-Bacteries???) in Europa?

  • Anonymos
    “All things in GOM” can be transported via rain !

  • Anonymos


    So, that means for me that Corexit is a Global Killer…that is very hard stuff…real horror to me..i am sad for us all…so we failed again in gods eyes and have to live in future in a real hell..that fu..s me up..but i have an idea: lets stop all working for them and stop driving car..boykott is the only chance we have against them..its better than to live in a physically hell in future..think about it and than do it..i do it here and know..follow me brothers and sisters..than we change the world..i know that and peace to all of you and be blessed.

    Anonymos, a follower of Jesus Christus

  • I may be of the first wave preparing the way for others. Like they say down on the Gulf Coast, .i know that and peace to all of you and be blessed.

  • I have even heard that chemical like mercury can enter human body if we consume sea foods that are contaminated. Doctors are advising against them now!!

  • J.D. Chase II


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