Denied: ZERO appealed claims have been approved according to Feinberg

BP total in Keys: $67 million and counting, Florida Keys Keynoter, February 2, 2011:

“There are different ways to check on the status of claims, or they can assist in refiling a claim,” [GCCF spokeswoman Amy Weiss] said. “The GCCF is going to give claimants more information on why they were denied or what documentation they need,” Weiss said. “Anyone can appeal to the U.S. Coast Guard, regardless of size of claim.”

Why the Coast Guard is involved isn’t clear.

But in a Jan. 27 appearance before a congressional committee, Feinberg said the Coast Guard had processed 264 out of 507 appeals but had upheld the denials each time, according to the Associated Press.

For information on the Coast Guard appeals process, go to

5 comments to Denied: ZERO appealed claims have been approved according to Feinberg

  • matthew

    The coast guard if I remember correctly from the first news reports made a mistake an broke protocol in putting out fire. They where not suppose to drench the deepwater horizon rig with water when it first caught on fire but let it slowly burn out. But they did and that’s what caused it to sink and fall sideways braking the pipeline in several places. Still though it’s bp and cohorts fault ultimately, coast guard just made things worse.

  • xdrfox

    The hero worker who piloted/moved the rig (that died by doing so) so other workers to jump into waters that were not on fire, do you think moving the rig a hundred and fifty yards would not break or disconnect the riser pipe ?

  • xdrfox

    So many of these people whom get a denial will need to apply for State aid ( your tax dollars ) because they deny these folks, Not forgetting unemployment claims that will drain state purses. Applications for Food Stamps, Medicaid/Medicare, AFDC cash assistances will be sky rocketing ! BP’s trying to walk away whistling letting States and Feds pay the piper.

  • xdrfox

    Like everyone else on this historic island, Sarah and Annette applied for relief from BP right after the well blew last spring. …

  • bettsrules

    It is hard to believe that Feinberg used to work for Senator Edward Kennedy.I don’t think Teddy would have approved of the way these people are being treated down in the Gulf.In fact,he probably would have taken Feinberg to the woodshed
    to get him to loosen up the purse strings.Just not right what he is doing.

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