Destin-area woman’s blood shows alarming levels of chemicals found in BP’s oil & Corexit — “The public is not being told how dangerous the area is” (LAB RESULTS)

Melissa Neidert Farquhar from Santa Rosa Beach, FL:


I did not work the oil spill. I avoided the beach and local fish, live in the Destin Florida area and do not know what to do! …

I am being retested because I had been detoxing and want to know the levels without the detox.

Results from blood collected January 24, 2011:

  • Ethylbenzene: .89 ppb (8 times 95th percentile)
  • m,p-Xylene: .4 – 1.3 ppb (Above 95th percentile)
  • Hexane: >200 ppb
  • 2-Methylpentane: 88.9 ppb (Above 95th percentile)
  • 3- Methypentane: 158.4 ppb (Above 95th percentile)

Farquhar’s letter to the editors submitted to Northwest Florida Daily News on February 15, 2011:

Five months ago I began to experience some cold symptoms. The symptoms persisted and continued to progressively worsen. I have always been an active individual with a high work ethic used to putting in 60-80 hours a week. For the past two months I have trouble getting out of bed. I have seen doctors for stomach issues, sore throats, lethargy, brain fog, muscle soreness, digestive issues and have gotten no answers other than virus.

Recently I read an article concerning sick individuals on the Gulf Coast. I got $300 together and went to have my blood tested on a whim. While I completely expected to find out I had wasted my money and was looking in the wrong direction I received tested results which made me sit down in shock. I have toxic levels of five separate toxins associated with the oil spill and the dispersant that was used after wards in the bogus clean up attempt. After 3 weeks of intensive body detoxing I have 8X the dangerous level of Ethelbenzene, 4X the toxic level of m,p-Xylene, and extremely high levels of Hexane, 2-Methylpentane, and 3-methylpentane. I did not work the oil spill clean up, avoided the beach all summer, and do not eat local seafood so my levels are from normal activity associated with everyday life. This is very distressing as the public is not being told how dangerous the area is. I do not have medical insurance, need body scans and I.V. detox, and have no recourse at this!

If you are sick and have been for awhile get tested. This is a serious situation for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

18 comments to Destin-area woman’s blood shows alarming levels of chemicals found in BP’s oil & Corexit — “The public is not being told how dangerous the area is” (LAB RESULTS)

  • xdrfox

    The longer people stay in this area that is toxic the more the toxicity level will accumulate in the body in higher numbers. This is a known fact. Detox while breathing toxins daily the effort is futile. Sooner or later the toxins will win and the body’s response will be mutt. Bodies organs will begin to fail. Poor folks in La, surrounded by oil can only find a good wind from the north, rest of the time they are breathing death one breath at a time. Would a doctors suggest it would be OK to breath gas fumes 24/7 ? NOT ! And thats just the oil, what about all the corexit, changing virus’s and synthetics people are breathing day and night also ? They can be aerosolized ! One does not have to eat from the GOM or swim in it ! When you see the sealife around you dieing ….. I Saw None of the Usual Life There, Only Algae Seems Thriving in the Halifax River Fl. *PICS*
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Thursday, February 03, 2011 …,_Only_Algae_Seems_Thriving_in_the_Halifax_River_Fl._PICS.html … I have been back there a number of times and still see no life as it was.

  • misty

    My heart goes out to this woman, I hope she can recover. On top of this tragedy, look at the comments under her letter on the link to the editors page. Most ppl don’t believe her, they think it is a hoax. What they don’t realize is that she is not alone. There are many reported cases of similar human illness along the Gulf.. please share, the word needs to get out to the public about the health hazards of the spill!

  • Jean

    Thanks to Melissa for sharing her story. It seems like whenever someone has the courage to speak out about their illnesses caused by the oil spill, they get labeled a faker just trying to get money from BP. A lot of people must be in serious denial. Or maybe they didn’t get sick, but don’t realize that everyone is different and that each person’s immune system responds differently.

    It’s way past time for the federal or state health departments to start investigating and providing VOC testing. Don’t expect any help from the Florida Dept. of Health, though. The new governor wants to make serious cuts to the department and the county health departments.

  • Swindon1

    I lived on the EAST coast of Florida, and I also had my blood tested. My ethylbenzene levels were four times the 95th percentile, and I had the other markers of the Gulf “Spill” in my bloodstream, but had a higher level of Isooctane. After five months of chemical pneumonia, I left Florida in DECEMBER and I am living up north, detoxing now. Leaving was not easy, nor was it financially practical, but the choice here is obvious. Stay and wait for further complications or leave and have a shot at getting well. No more pneumonia up here. Both my adult kids were ill as well with hives, rashes, staph-like infections and blisters on the skin.

    I never ate seafood, nor did I go in the water, so….this had to be in the air from July 2010 on. When I visited recently for a week, I began having asthma like attacks again, and when I got back up here, symptoms are gone. I DO need to be retested and know that detox will go on for many months.

    If you can leave, do so…it is challenging but better than the alternative.

  • monkey99

    thank you, Swindon1, for saying so

  • oilflorida

    Swindon1, please get in touch with FOSL here:

  • xdrfox

    What Swindon1 is saying is true, we walked the beachs witnessing the horror of the sealifes slow deaths and river taking samples for testings before and as thier health went south.

  • xdrfox

    These are some she accompanied me on … They play on Blackened beaches of dead and dieing ! … … and another here REALLY BAD … Oil appears to be sinking under the sands on beaches (PICS) …


    Everything is going crazy…. I hope people keep coming out to the media and telling their friends and community at every turn. I’ve been begging for people down there to read up and take notice, but they REFUSE. A lot of people are in denial.
    God bless the Gulf! –This is an attack on our nation far worse than 9/11.

  • xdrfox

    I wrote this last year and is coming true… Public health disaster of frightening proportions: The Gulf
    Sunday, August 01, 2010 …

  • Swindon1

    One of my biggest struggles is getting my kids to see it for what it is. My son still wants me to come back to Florida, and refuses to believe what he saw with his own eyes: my blood tests. He thinks smoking caused the huge exposure to benzene. The upshot is “if it isn’t happening to you it does not exist”.

    I feel so sad for all those in the Gulf and Florida because it will take many deaths before people get it. If you want to test the hypothesis (if you are having any symptoms), take a trip up north for a week and see what happens. My symptoms, including very noticeable wheezing, coughing and hoarseness, went away in 5 days.

  • monkey99

    some mardi gras advice and a bit on chemical flu

    wish there was more a monkey could do for y’all down there. always thinking, how to gather The People…….

  • Melisssa Neidert Farquhar

    Thank you for your support! This is no joke and the way I feel is no joke! I will continue to speak out and I guess I will continue to be attacked by ignorant uneducated people. I do not understand why they would rather read my story and immediately attack instead of investigating!

  • Make a move!!

    Good luck, Melissa! You are too young to settle for that level of exposure and health risks!!

    Swindon1, Where in FL were you? Congrats on your pending recovery!
    It makes sense that it’s hitting both sides of the FL peninsula. I can’t say much for the water supply or soil & food quality there either!…

    And the new Rs in Congress are actually proceeding with further de-regulation of any oil & gas industry pollution controls right now!!! Their gall, along with Big Corrupt Oil, is truly staggering!

    The Budget Bill, as passed in the House, actually contains $4 Billion plus in direct giveaways to the Oil, Gas & Coal polluters!!! It’s unbelievable how some have sold this country out!!! But, we will ALL pay for this dearly out the nose, trust me.


  • xdrfox

    Anouther person has come forward today with a terrible story of thier health from swimming in the Gulf Last year.

    They posted here.

  • premurderedGOM

    they are very excited about spring break down here. thousands of dumbed down people who never will put 2&2 together of what killed them. it’s at ad nauseum levels the stupidity of the american people. if you speak out against anything YOU are the enemy. Pavlov would be proud….

  • Swindon1

    Make a Move:

    I lived about 1/2 mile from the ocean in Ormond Beach, just north of Daytona.

  • deborah

    I live in the Ft Walton Beach, FL area. I have just received my test results and have high levels of toxins. Does anyone know where I can get tested for the chemicals in corexit?

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