Destin, FL: “Smelly black mat, hundreds of yards long” trapping marine life; “Nothing but pitch black water” with “sludge-like” waves — BP SAYS “SEAWEED”, NO OIL (VIDEO)

Black Sludge Washes Up in Destin, WEAR ABC 3, September 6, 2010:

Transcript Summary

Robert Herrin, beach vendor: “You could see nothing but pitch black water. The waves were almost just sludge like, just rolling in sludge it was so thick. And it was matting on the shoreline. I would say at least this thick in some places.” [Hands apart almost a foot]. … “Sunglasses, aluminum cans, also marine life was caught inside there and had died cause they couldn’t escape.”…”We all definitely think that it’s oil spill related, there’s nothing like this that has ever happened.”

WEAR: It washed in Friday behind the Sterling Sands Condominiums in Destin, a smelly black mat, hundreds of yards long and full of debris. … BP… say[s] what washed up on the beach was something called black algae, no oil involved. To many here, that answer is a tough sell. … Shave ice vendor Lisa Hagen thinks either oil or dispersants somehow created the strange mass… “So you’re not convinced that it was just black algae?”

Lisa Hagen, beach vendor: “I’ve never heard of black algae. I don’t even know what black algae is. If there is black algae out there, I’ve never seen it in Destin or Fort Walton Beach in forty years. I would like a researcher to come in, an independent researcher and give me some answers, or give the town some answers.”

Watch video here.


9 comments to Destin, FL: “Smelly black mat, hundreds of yards long” trapping marine life; “Nothing but pitch black water” with “sludge-like” waves — BP SAYS “SEAWEED”, NO OIL (VIDEO)

  • Betsy S.

    I’ve never heard of BLACK ALGAE, either.

  • outback girl

    Hello! Hello! Anybody over there in yankee land??? What are you blokes doing??? Your gulf is being murdered – MURDERED!!! …the gulf stream is being slowed to a stop – stop!!! Fair dinkum! Watching from here from Australia – I can’t believe you guys! You numb nuts are sitting back, sucking your beers and thumbs!!! Let me guess …you’ll get a commentary from Paris Hilton, a strategy advisory from Miley Cyrus and organise a promo oil rig shot featuring one of your sporting demi gods saying it’s all better now peeps??? Holy Christ – how bad does this have to get???! And now the only voice of truth – Mr Simmons, is dead – DEAD!!! What now???! What now???!

  • Jean

    I googled “black algae” and got info on black algae in swimming pools, bathrooms, aquariums, and fish ponds. Searching “black algae Gulf of Mexico” gave me only articles containing the words “algae”, “black”, and “Gulf of Mexico”; but nothing specific on black algae in the Gulf of Mexico. But if BP says it’s black algae, who will disagree….

  • thanks for caring!

    outback girl, Thanks for caring!! yes, the media blackout is pretty comprehensive & insidious here. Most people have no idea what they are facing..”someone” sure wanted to ruin an absolutely beautiful region…??? There is a lack of critical thinking when you are in disbelief, trust your democracy, and have been promised the world!… also, many good people/activists/journalists have been threatened/knocked off/lost their jobs in the worst economy in decades. The rise of fascism in slow motion.

  • xdrfox

    “black algae” is the dead of the Gulf, microscopic and minerals that used to make the Gulf thrive with life. This is the Brown muck that many have seen only later it fermentation and unable to change into something useful, it is the reason for the algae growing everywhere on rocks and docks. It is Black Death not “black algae”

  • Chelsea

    Audouinella is a widespread genus of red algae, found in marine and freshwater. Grows as small tufts of red, brown, or black hairlike filaments on any solid surface – most dramatically on the edges of slow-growing leaves. Often tolerant of high levels of pollution, acidity, and thrives on dissolved phosphate and nitrates. Reproduces via spores.

    The form known as Black Brush Algae is a particular nuisance in aquaria as few fish, even those widely promoted as algivores, will eat it.

  • Gary

    Gulf War II
    We are being genocided
    nukebp now, f— them

  • xdrfox

    What worries me is some algae starts to produce toxins that kill everything, will this algae do this or is it already with all the fish kills and other sea life are some dieing from algae toxins and not oxygen depletion ? or is this algae helping to deplete oxygen levels ? Why the recent announcements of bacteria in the waters covered on this site last week if they are not expecting or already know something more then the normal bacteria’s ? This Gulf with no flow of the Gulf Stream is much like a swimming pool that does not get waters renewed or flushed and no one would want to swim in a pool that is not rejuvenated with fresh flow. Cesspool !

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