*DEVELOPING* Feds admit FORMATION may have COLLAPSED around bottom of wellbore — This is why annulus is blocked, NOT cement (VIDEO)

See an updated in this report here: Feds provide further evidence that the formation has collapsed around BP’s Macondo well (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, August 19, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. EDT:


Well there’s some that would tell you that the lack of communication between the annulus and the reservoir might not be cement, it could be just a collapse of the formation around it.  We really don’t know, all we know is there’s no communication.  One assumption is that that was cement from the top kill…

We don’t know the condition of the bottom of the annulus.  It could be that there – that whatever is blocking that wouldn’t take much to move it.  We don’t know, we think that’s a low probability but would be a very high consequence outcome. The only thing we don’t want is direct communication between that reservoir and the surface.

Click image for better view of annulus (Times-Picayune)

20 comments to *DEVELOPING* Feds admit FORMATION may have COLLAPSED around bottom of wellbore — This is why annulus is blocked, NOT cement (VIDEO)

  • kingfish20815

    I really don’t understand. Is there someone who will explain.

  • maryanne jacobsen

    No one understands. That’s the whole point.

    Keep us baffled by the annulus, so we don’t think too much about the seafloor, teeming with creatures indicating an asphalt environment, obvious seeps that seem unnatural in view of how the seafloor looked on July 16th, chunks of tarball-looking debris flying around the ROV’s, and the fact that we now have a new normal. It’s called cognitive dissonance, which in simple terms means an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding conflicting ideas simultaneously. We all want to believe the well has been miraculously healed and will soon be killed permanently, but something tells us that can’t be true based upon the subterfuge that BP and the gov’t as well have created around this disaster. It leaves one having little faith that the truth is even in sight.

    Put your trust in God. That’s your best bet. Actually that’s your only bet, I’m betting.

  • Malia

    Kingfish, go to theoildrum.com and start reading.

  • @Malia — I was going to follow your advice to Kingfish — but that’s a big site — any keywords? The confusion is almost as large as the issue itself you see. NB: I have already read a not negligible portion of theoildrum; yet I remain confused — and from what i know of my own confusion, it does not resemble confusion stemming from my ownnegligence or native ignorance so much as the engineered result of propaganda deployed with precision and malice aforethought, NLP style, ‘drink coke’-subliminals not out of the question considering perhaps cold blooded murder, too, has been committed in plain MSM view. In other words, I see no reason why the good thinkers of this country should find themselves confused about these things at this late date. After all we have studied. Certainly they spell things out when it suit them….

    *ahem* http://wilynetwork.wordpress.com is also an excellent, excellent resource.

    Be seeing you.

  • Dr Who

    OK. Summary. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    So we know that the bottom of the well has an opening that should not be there and should never be there in any well, and that opening is there because BP made a highly unusual well. What’s so highly unusual about this particular omission from the cementing(?) plan is that it is a certain disaster waiting to happen.

    The kind of “oops” that is cognitively dissonant in that it’s not actually an oops.
    It’s controlled folly. A wilful mistake, Ordo ab Chao with malice and intent.

    The only people I know who makes “mistakes” like this belong in a cult. Not figuratively. Actually. They really are cult members.

    If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, what do you reckon do you think it might be a duck?

    Too much cognitive dissonance for one day: It’s all just a big mistake.

  • Malia

    @aFemaleFaust I realize it’s a huge site. While most of the time I’m totally confused by what they talk about, I’ve found that reading the comments under the “BP’s Deepwater Oil Spill…” articles are quite interesting. I don’t necessarily agree with everything posted there (they really don’t like the CT’s…lol) but it is another source. Thank you and Pat for the links. Personally I don’t believe in TMI.

  • Jimmy

    Whenever the spokes person’s lips are moving they are bull $hitting us. That would be the simplest terms possible. We know they are liars, we know all involved are criminals. The question is, how do we go about stringing them up?

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Spend 15 minutes reading up on BP and Jack Parsons and Jack Parsons being second in line to Alestaire Crowley. Parsons inherited a huge sum of money and it was directed in the wrong direction. King Vanity ruled the day and scientists sold out. Recipes for major disasters.

  • Emery

    It appears the inmates are still in charge of the asylum… I love this guy Chad Allen. What a FOP. Early in this charade he was parading around in his Coast Guard battle fatigues and boots, now he looks more like BP employee. He’s an incident commander that apparently likes to led around by the nose by BP and the White House. What ever he is – he is a total sellout. I understand he’s actually retired from the CG and hoping for a job with BP. So who’s side is he really on? BP and the New World Order.

  • insanityrules

    For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be called “American”.

  • Dr Who

    Re: Stringing them up.

    Step 1 : Provide rope.
    Step 2 : Provide more rope.
    Step 3 : Stand back and watch the pigs fly.

  • ducq

    You have to love the scenario. How much bull$hit can they take? I have an idea; let’s deliver it on a silver spoon! What a way to distinguish between the elite and the common. btw, thanks for the $ idea.

  • mary c.

    Since English common law is now destroyed, invoke the ancient Roman common law: compile a List of the Proscribed, whereby traitors (write here government and BP lackeys) are removed from the planet (rope is good–it is traditional for fascist traitors) and a portion of their property is forfeit to said removers (a non-government incentive program) and the balance spread to the Gulf oil victims. Greedy types and informants are also to be removed from the planet. All perfectly legal–at least under Roman law; certainly legal under the more ancient basis law, the Code of Hammurabi–an eye for eye and all that. This must all be kept legal and tidy. Don’t want an upsurge in vigilantism, now do we. Keep the (Roman) law on your side. ;^ )

  • Gordon Wagner

    Washington has been foolish to let BP run the show. BP has, apparently, screwed up on a massive scale, but both parties have damned themselves many more times over by NOT TELLING THE WHOLE, SIMPLE TRUTH AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE MOMENT.

  • Fight Corporate Corruption

    . Information from geologists: Why is BP’s Macondo Blowout So Disastrous and Beyond Patch-up:
    What you don’t see can be covered up. . . BP knew if the gushing well was completely shut at the top, oil and gas would spread beneath the sea floor and gas seeps would appear. With the cap on, it’s easier to manipulate the data. There is no need to prove the well is leaking. It is already a fact.

  • Jimmy

    Yeah though I walk in the valley of the jolly green giant, I never fear the %astard and remain defiant. The wind is blowing and I can smell his breath, and the stripes in the sky smell of chemical death.

    The valley is my home where we were all once free, now it’s in the open that they want our liberty. Snatching it away as if it was for our good, inflicting their pain and think we never understood.

    How many years can this injustice go on, everybody’s waking up to see that something is wrong. Their arrogance is fooling them and making them think, that they will pay no price for pushing people to the brink.

    Yeah, I live in the valley of the shadow of a doubt, we’ve been pushed down for so long we think that’s what life’s about. Listen to me people, if you want to remain free, blood will hit the ground to feed the tree of liberty.

    The jolly green giant keeps taking more each day, he doesn’t think that any one will call his play. He has a lust for money that will cause his demise, he will get his money when there’s pennies in his eyes.

    Yeah I walk through the shadow of a most powerful machine, something the likes of which the world has never seen. Just remember nothing is ever too big to fail, no amount of money will be enough to save your tail.

    The world is not owned or even operated by you, you think it is but have not really thought it through. All your words are just lies that you claim to be true, you’ll set the stage and the universal rage will have no mercy on you.

    Yeah I walk through the oil soaked valley of death, the air is permeated with the green giant’s petroleum breath. Those who oppose this jolly green giant, will be deemed a terrorist for acting defiant.

    And the beat goes on as total control is near, the Zionists in the valley are beginning to cheer. The hypocritical voices of the masters of doom, are heard through the lips of each impostor they groom.

    Yeah I walk through the valley of the puppet master’s lair, taking away while screaming about being fair. The curtain is dropping and at the end of an age, everything’s set on the world wide stage.

  • i have read numerous news posts about BP oil leaking from cracks near the wellbore to cracks miles away i have yet to actually get the right information but i have the strangest feeling the cap may blow. can someone tell me why BP has covered the cap knowing there is pressure underneath it and what will happen next if they choose to remove that cap 🙁

    i see devestation in front of my eyes

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