Dispersant applied “daily” on Apalachicola Bay using “black or camouflage” helicopters says Seafood Association president

Experts say no oil in bay, Seafood workers say there is evidence to contrary, Apalachicola Times, November 17, 2010:

Taunya James, president of the Franklin County Seafood Workers’ Association (FCSWA), repeatedly insisted dispersant was being applied to the bay daily by helicopters described as black or camouflage in color. She and other seafood workers claimed to be aware of serious local contamination.

[Florida DEP official Darryl] Boudreau asked if anyone who witnessed the application of dispersant could provide an aircraft identification number or had taken pictures.

“We’re out there to work, not take pictures,” replied James.

8 comments to Dispersant applied “daily” on Apalachicola Bay using “black or camouflage” helicopters says Seafood Association president

  • Jean

    Please see my comments on “Local seafood workers….” regarding a black helicopter at Bald Point. I also posted a comment directly on the Apalachicola Times article. Hope Ms. James and the other seafood workers will continue to speak out!

  • kingfish33919

    Black helos are army. Are they really black. The ID is if my memory is correct under the driver’s side door.

  • soozla

    Believe your friends and neighbors .The “rumor”is- BP is using dispersant inland and is being “assisted” by the military.

  • premurderedGOM

    If I didn’t read this I would never have put it together. I have recently heard what sound like Blackhawks! They have a unique sound to them. Now I understand COMPLETELY what is going on. We are being eradicated by our own…

  • D.R.

    Those helicopters should be shot down!

  • D.R.

    Yes, I’ve read they are spraying houses and swimming pools at night along the Gulf and up to 100 or more miles inland. The elite want your property and the entire Gulf area.

    Their long-term plan (Agenda 21) is to move the entire US population into just a few large very crowded cities (Police State) and use all the remaining land for themselves.

    Unless stopped, the elite will continue using H.A.A.R.P in Alaska for earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, etc. until they drive all the people out to accomplish Agenda 21.

    They caused Homestead, Katrina and many others (probably Haiti), for instance.


    These are the SAME people who caused ForeclosureGate, the bailouts, the TSA stuff to “condition” Americans for a police state. TSA is NOT looking for “terrorists” or other nationalities, JUST AMERICANS!

    There’s a good chance they will be stopped shortly.

  • Gary

    Stingers are very useful sometimes

    The government along with Britain is OUR enemy

  • Be realistic about how to defend yourself rationally. If you have reasons believing your home is under credible threat, or exposed to unnecessary chemicals, EMF waves, or polluted water, please consider first a cure
    to eliminate toxins in the body, then attempt to identify the source (water, food, etc) of such poisoning attempt in your area!

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