“Dispersants were highly toxic and had left 8 people dead” when eating fish after ’09 oil disaster says foundation director — Corexit 9500A and 9527A used

Australia See Eye-to-Eye on Timor Spill, Jakarta Globe, November 03, 2010:

The spill was the result of a blowout at the Montara wellhead platform in the Timor Sea, off the northern coast of Australia, in August 2009. The leak was plugged 74 days later and created a large oil slick that polluted Indonesian waters. …

Activists have also accused the operator of using highly toxic chemicals as dispersants to clear the oil. … activists said the dispersants were highly toxic and had left eight people dead and at least 30 ill.

Jakarta Globe on Ferdi Tanoni, director of the West Timor Care Foundation (YTPB):

[A] hearing between the Australian Senate and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority had revealed that the dispersants used on the spill were among “the world’s most dangerous chemicals.”

He said the AMSA acknowledged using 184,113 liters [48,638 gallons] of chemicals dispersants, including Corexit, a known fetal toxin that breaks down blood cells and causes blood and kidney disorders. …

“This is a very serious human issue because since AMSA sprayed the oil with the dispersant, people consuming fish caught in the Timor Sea off East Nusa Tenggara have been falling sick, even dying,” Ferdi said on Sunday.

“Within 95 hours of spraying, fish died in large numbers.”

Jakarta Globe on Masnellyarti Hilman, head of the government’s advocacy team seeking compensation:

[The team] had already included the effects from the dispersant in their official claim to PTTEP.

“We’ve noted that their use of these chemicals has caused pollution and environmental destruction,” she said. …

She added the two variants of Corexit used — Corexit EC9500 and Corexit EC9527A — were listed as dangerous chemicals by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Australia contaminates Indonesia sea with toxic chemicals, Antara News (Indonesia), October 31, 2010:

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has sprayed the Timor Sea with dispersants containing highly toxic chemicals to sink the oil spill from the Montara oil field, a non-governmental organization said.

Ferdi Tanoni, director of the Kupang-based West Timor Care Foundation said on Sunday information on the matter came from reports of a meeting between the Australian Senate and AMSA held in Canberra last week.

The chemicals that had been sprayed was said to be one of the world`s most dangerous chemicals, Tanoni added, and actually had already been banned.

After the incident, Tanoni said, the foundation has received reports on the death of eight people and 30 poisonous cases after the consumption of fish in the waters around the contaminated areas. …

Tanoni said that the Australian Senate had asked the organization for comments on the use of the toxic dispersant for discussion in Canberra…

The case was said to be serious both financially and physically to the people living close to the contaminated areas as many fish have disappeared while the remaining are poisonous.

3 comments to “Dispersants were highly toxic and had left 8 people dead” when eating fish after ’09 oil disaster says foundation director — Corexit 9500A and 9527A used

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Well there you go. So why is the American Medical association not screaming bloody murder right now?

  • maryanne jacobsen

    BY the way, if anyone was watching the election results on CNN last night, they played a commercial announcing an alliance with Exxon and Synthetic Genomics , Inc. over and over again. So BP is not the only oil company feeding this company big bucks.

  • premurderedGOM

    maryanne, we are just “the little people”…..

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