Dispersed oil “everywhere” on Pensacola Beach — Not where is the oil… BUT WHERE IS IT NOT (VIDEO)

Surfrider Foundation: BP Oil Disaster UV Testing Program, , February 28, 2011:

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12 comments to Dispersed oil “everywhere” on Pensacola Beach — Not where is the oil… BUT WHERE IS IT NOT (VIDEO)

  • matthew

    But I thought everything was back to normal. Can a hero please step up for the gulf coast.

  • soozla


    I am having a bit of “Missing Document Week…so I’m posting this under this article too….
    This this letter is from the experts that designed and installed the Global Information System.. the data and information base for the oil spill response. On May 21, 2010.. the GIS experts were removed, literally run off from the project.. and all data then directed behind the BP corporate firewall in Houston…excluding NOAA..whose criminality is in a class of it’s own.
    IMHO…a letter worth reading and saving for future generations …sothat they may know clearly.. who is at fault…. and who caused and covered up the worst environmental disaster of all time.

  • soozla

    Sorry for all the typos folks—they get worse when I get angry…damn ’em..

  • Jean

    Here is a partial text of Florida Governor Rick Scott’s email to state employees:

    March 4, 2011

    Dear Team,

    This week, I focused on boosting Florida’s tourism and seafood industries, as well as positioning Florida to take another leap forward in international trade.

    I visited Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago to invite residents to defrost in sunny Florida. Residents from these cities frequently visit Florida, and we want to make sure they keep coming back year after year.

    During the “Share a Little Sunshine” tour, we gave away Florida vacation packages to lucky winners in each city because every 85 visitors create one Florida job. I invite you to help us promote Florida’s great seafood, beaches, and weather by visiting ShareALittleSunshine.org to send a personalized e-postcard

  • Jean

    An update from Florida DEP:

    • On 2/28 manual beach operations ONLY (emphasis mine) removed 700 pounds of material from the Florida coastline (including sand and oil). The lower amount of material follows significant removals over the past 10 days with the use of four Sand Sharks working federal property at Ft. Pickens. The Sand Sharks were removed from the beaches at the end of the shift on 2/28 and are being demobilized.
    • This brings the total amount of oil product removed from Florida’s coastline to over 2.4 million pounds of product, with 98 percent of that amount removed from Escambia County.


  • soozla:

    Should all of your post [9:32am] be in quotes? You have an opening quote mark, but there is not one further along, so I’m confused as to whose voice said what?

  • soozla

    Correction: “missing document week”–end of quote.

  • monkey99

    “Missing Document Week”. although i do believe all is a soozla quote.

    the letter itself, to be found at the link, is really quite amazing. it shows, by way of an excellently expalined timeline, that BP literally had people from GIS fired in Boulder, Co and took over publically held data coming out from GIS about the “spill”. GIS worked very hard to coordinate information and efforts with government and private agencies to help manage the crisis in the best way possible according to very stringent protocols, then BP simply came in and put up a firewall around the information all the way from Houston. This was deemed by those who were working for GIS to be very debilitating to on the ground responses to the “spill”. The info goes THROUGH the firewall even BEFORE .gov can take a look at it.

    this is a document very well worth reading and passing onto others so that they may know the extent of BP’s corruption and yet another example of the extent they will go to in order to manipulate public information.

    it also shows the levels of government incompetence and willingness to bow to private corporations, even in the face of a national disaster. President Obama was also given this letter. i believe, as with so many other requests sent to him about the gusher, he has yet to respond with any anwsers whatsoever.

    this letter gives one pause to wonder if BP is still in control of GIS. if so, unfortunately, all of the info coming from GIS since then is as tainted as the Gulf waters and sand.

    for those who have yet to put the appropriate numbers on your speed-dial to voice your concerns:



    please do give them a call. these are OUR representatives and they NEED to hear from you.

  • Jean

    This is a very interesting and disturbing letter, another scary example of just how far BP went to cover up the extent of the disaster, by hiding the locations and photos of dead birds and fish.

  • soozla & monkey99:

    Thanks for your response: I had read that long article well before I posted, and I danged well knew not to get back in there again, looking for that lost quote mark! Not on my own. That’s a long and tortuous article.

    I knew if I went back in alone, I’d end up dodging, twisting, and knocking over blocks of words — then having to rearrange those words until they were just like they had been before I toppled them. And, if that wouldn’t be difficult enough, I’d need to search for the special “key words” in an exact sequence — in order to get that information for myself.

    Well, seeing as I’m using a cane to get around my abode this day, I figured you could get that information a lot faster than myself. Ya’ll know about youth and how easy it is for the kids to reach in crowded spaces and pull out exactly what you asked for. Plus, I was ready for my nap.

    I like to read scary tales before I tuck in, so I get myself all nestled on my straw mattress, topped with my Grandma Bell’s home sewn sheets and quilt, and I’m gonna spend many happy hours just reading and napping all the day long.

    So that’s what I done. And that’s exactly why I didn’t catch “a-wink-of-sleep.”

    BP is capable of bringing the dead back to life. Since April 2010, I thought we had buried them no account rascals, but now, they’re as full of life as ever! Luciferian blo*d has caused them to rise again…

    And who knows how high it will be: The “King of the United States”, the “King of the World”, the “King of the Solar System?” The “King of the Milky Way?”

    The multiple millions of de*d animals, at the bequest of BP’s purposeful negligence, is concrete evidence that BP would as soon see you dead as to see you receive appropriate medical care.

  • xdrfox

    They must have had foreknowledge to have millions of gallons of Corexit at hand to pump and dump right after the well blew.

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