DISPERSED OIL accumulates in menhaden fish found during massive kills, “MOST LIKELY” going to be “FATAL” — Filter feeder’s mouth “ringed with oil-like chocolate”

Oil dispersants a threat to Gulf breeding grounds, fishery experts say, Palm Beach Post, July 25, 2010:


[The Gulf is home to] many small forage fish such as menhaden… “Almost all of the small forage species are filter feeders,” said Bob Shipp, head of the marine sciences department at the University of South Alabama. “They swim through the water and use their gill filaments to trap food particles. If there are oil particles in the water, as they swim through to feed they’re going to accumulate oil on their gill filaments as well. This is very likely to be lethal.

We’re adamantly opposed to using dispersants,” he said. “It doesn’t destroy the oil. It doesn’t remove the oil. It leaves it in the water column, where it can do a lot of damage to all the ecosystem habitats beneath the surface.

Experts: Submerged oil threatens organisms, Press-Register, August 28, 2010:


For effect, [Dauphin Island Sea Lab Director George Crozier] showed a slide of an anchovy, its mouth open and ringed with oil-like chocolate and its gill rakers coated as if it were a child who had gotten into chocolate.

“The anchovy swims through the water mouth agape, gill rakers out picking up tiny particles of food — well tiny particles of oil also,” Shipp said. “And it’s most likely that if an anchovy swims through any of that oil mass that it’s going to be fatal.” Ditto for menhaden, he said.

Reports from over the weekend:

“What the hell is going on in the water” says local official, “begging” feds for more tests on fish kills — “We’ve never seen so many species floating in so many different areas”

100 local fisherman say “NO WAY” massive fish kills from just low oxygen — “ALL areas happen to have HEAVY OIL”

Local officials “UNCONVINCED” with State’s explanation that oil had nothing to do with huge fish kills — Taking samples to build their case

“Millions of fish, absolutely, millions” have died in recent fishkills

2 comments to DISPERSED OIL accumulates in menhaden fish found during massive kills, “MOST LIKELY” going to be “FATAL” — Filter feeder’s mouth “ringed with oil-like chocolate”

  • FishHeadfromFL

    Oh, no. Poor pogies! This is terrible. I can’t stand anymore of this. I want to tear my hair out and scream. Poor, poor animals, birds, and fish. Poor, poor people here in my home, too. I can’t believe this is happening. I just can’t believe it, though I see it every day. We are watching paradise be destroyed and we are getting genocided with it.

  • Gary

    Please, please can we nuke them now
    One straight to Britain and the other up the queens a–
    I’ll push the button
    Please, please
    You people are dead anyway and you have nothing to lose
    Please let me do it before Al Bushaomma stops me
    He has the special relationship he says with them. He likes them more than you
    You people are worthless and must exterminated as you worth more dead than alive.
    Gulf War II

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