“All we could see was oil” says top LSU researcher on flyover; “Divers said there was oil everywhere” in shallow waters of LA coast — NOAA says clean in 5 weeks?

La. coast hit by more oil, The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 25, 2010:


Moderate to heavy oil washed onto almost 100 miles of Louisiana’s shoreline this week, the federal government said Friday…

Gregory Stone, director of the Coastal Studies Institute at LSU’s School of the Coast and Environment… sent scuba divers… off of St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes. “The divers said there was oil everywhere,” Stone said. …

“There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and we took the [helicopter] ride at high noon,” Stone said. “We could easily see into the shallow waters off of the coast and all we could see was oil. …

Charlie Henry, a scientific support coordinator for… [NOAA said,]“Those areas are hard to get into to clean… I think it will take weeks, not months, to get it cleaned up. Maybe by the end of October.”

7 comments to “All we could see was oil” says top LSU researcher on flyover; “Divers said there was oil everywhere” in shallow waters of LA coast — NOAA says clean in 5 weeks?

  • maddening

    What about property rights??!! When do the citizens of Louisiana start fighting these nuts???!!!!

  • It’s too late. Property rights? The land and water are toxic, extremely toxic. That’s the point. The government wants your land, and they will never see that it is restored — even if it is possible to do so, until you are ‘long gone’.

    Most of the Hurricane Katrina victims did not return to New Orleans. Why not?

    And, a final question: Which ethnic group is now in the majority — and have been living in New Orleans since Katrina.

  • premurderedGOM

    BuscuitandButter: Mussolini, in the early 1920’s. filled in the Pontine Marshes of old Italy. Direct propaganda was used as scare tactics, telling people the Marshes were a “health hazard”. Then the area was “developed”. I believe you can find this on Wiki or elsewhere. This is a story my Grandfather told. When the first storm contaminates the area, and people fall ill in mass numbers, the Gulfs states will become a “hazmat” zone, unfit to live. Then, under Eminent Domain, the feds will take the most valuble land in America.

  • robertsgt4o

    The Gulf Coast is now one huge Love Canal. Thanx to Corexit and oil it will take generations to recover…if then

  • robertsgt4o,

    What? Did you really mean [… “Thanx to Corexit and oil…]? The corexit and oil are inorganic material used in the act of committing a crime. It doesn’t have the required intelligence for creative pursuits and organization.

    Goodness! British Petroleum (BP)
    did it, and they are still *doing it*.

    I agree with you: “…it will take generations to recover…if then”

  • frank


    if the land is contaminated, as you say, then how is it useful or ‘valuable’, as you say?

  • I searched a long article as interesting as yours. Thank you. Good luck!

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