Doctor: “Dead people don’t talk, dead people don’t sue, dead people don’t tell the truth, and dead people don’t bother BP”

Gulf Shrimpers Wonder: “Are We Next on the Extinction List?”, OnEarth, November 8, 2010:

Not only were they suddenly in dire financial straits, but the ecosystem surrounding them was in ruins. “As we’d be going down to Venice to provide paperwork for our claims, and searching for a job hopefully working with BP, there were sea gulls dead all over the road,” Darla says. “They weren’t hit by a car. They didn’t have oil on them. There was nothing wrong with them that you could see. I actually saw a couple of them flying and drop out of the sky.”

She fell into despair. “At one point, I put a hangman’s noose on the back rigging of the boat. I was ready to stick my head in it,” she says. …

A doctor acquaintance intervened when Darla felt suicidal. “He told me dead people don’t talk, dead people don’t sue, dead people don’t tell the truth, and dead people don’t bother BP.”

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  • premurderedGOM

    There are lots of Darlas and Todds down here. Good, decent people. Not the sh*t sucking scum “running” the “country”. My contempt grows daily..

  • Marilyn Bachmann

    I work with an environmental illness doctor, an MD. by the name of Dr. Lyn Hanshew and I would highly advise people to try her approach. Basically it involves buying an nebulizer from:

    http://wwwsemedicalsupplycom/ (about $40). Then get some ACS (advanced cellular silver, 200 ppm), some ACZ (advanced cellular nano zeolite) from http://resultsrnacom/ and some reduced glutathione from http://theranaturalscom/

    Zeolite is an amazing natural mineral that will absorb pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, heavy metals, even depleted uranium! It is just ridiculous to tell people that they are eventually going to develop cancer because they have no way of getting things like benzene out of the system. It is not true, it can be done, and people can regain health.

    Nebulize 1/2 a teaspoon of the silver, 1/2 teaspoon of the zeolite, and one capsule of GSH plus, 200 mg. You break the capsule glutathione into the liquid which dissolves quickly, and then you nebulize this mixture. The zeolite can absorb any of the VOCs like benzene etc., the silver will kill any kind of pathogen and is especially effective in the lungs, and the glutathione is the best therapy for the liver that has to deal with the poisoning.

    You must get the GSH plus because it has a buffer and will not make you cough and sputter when you nebulize it. When you nebulize, everything gets immediately into the bloodstream and it is most effective way to get these healing agents into the body. The silver has been approved by the FDA as a hospital disinfectant because it is more effective than anything out there. It is very safe and will not cause you to go gray!

    I have been doing this to counteract a toxicity exposure, and there are no side effects thus far for me, but if someone should react adversely, the recommendation is to increase the ratio of zeolite to silver ie. a 1/4 of silver to 1/2 teaspoon of zeolite. The glutathione should remain the same. My heart goes out all of the people of the Gulf that are trying to deal with a massive environmental catastrophe. But it is nonsense to say that there is no help for poisoned people! It is just that most dingbat doctors don’t know how to treat toxicity. Dr. Lyn Hanshew has been doing this for many years and is the most brilliant Dr. I have ever met. She saved my life and I still work with her. I have been nebulizing this mixture for about a month, and already my liver is starting to work again as evidenced by the fact that I can now reduce my liothyronine (T3 thyroid medication). I can finally start to convert T4 again.

  • this post inspired me to finally put together an hypothesis that had been gathering in my mind. it was the gulls falling out of the sky that was the last straw — please see Gulf Birds May Have Heavy Metal Poisoning — please show people who can est the birds ….

  • xdrfox

    Back in Aug. “Dead Bird Island” Testing Results …

  • xdrfox

    a female faust
    How did you embed your link ?

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