Documents released by WikiLeaks reveal “striking resemblances between BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and a little-reported giant gas leak” in 2008

WikiLeaks cables: BP suffered blowout on Azerbaijan gas platform, The Guardian, December 16, 2010:

Striking resemblances between BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and a little-reported giant gas leak in Azerbaijan experienced by the UK firm 18 months beforehand have emerged from leaked US embassy cables.

The cables reveal that some of BP’s partners in the gas field were upset that the company was so secretive about the incident that it even allegedly withheld information from them. They also say that BP was lucky that it was able to evacuate its 212 workers safely after the incident, which resulted in two fields being shut and output being cut by at least 500,000 barrels a day with production disrupted for months. …

According to another cable, in January 2009 BP thought that a “bad cement job” was to blame for the gas leak in Azerbaijan. More recently, BP’s former chief executive Tony Hayward also partly blamed a “bad cement job” by contractor Halliburton for the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the
Gulf of Mexico.

Read the report here.

22 comments to Documents released by WikiLeaks reveal “striking resemblances between BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and a little-reported giant gas leak” in 2008

  • Corporations don’t give-a-hoot about right or wrong: THEIR STRATEGY is to gain as much profit as possible from fewer and fewer voluminous sources. And, unwilling to wait for the oil to replenish itself to earlier levels — corporations become more and more aggressive in their efforts to reach yet another *profit* leap.

    BP, ExonMobil, Haliburton, the military…. Deeper-and-deeper, faster and faster — and boom!

    Now, of course, others are willing to use food as a source of energy in a world of starving populations. Go figure.

  • soozla:

    [… nigeria-dick-cheney… ] Yep. They want us to think that “alas! — justice will overcome the elites,” and that is just so not true.

    The crooks are off eating uncontaminated seafood, on a no-fly-over Pacific island, with garlic butter dripping over their navels, as they try to recapture the huge scallops that are slipping off their plates…. They’re slurping drinks that cost as much as a mahogony bureau with mirror would cost us. A Christmas party would cost them what 3 normal people could earn in three lifetimes.

    There’s no equality in the justice system. Foreigners, think tanks, and corporations destroy sovereign nations with wealth, stealth, and renewed pathologies of higher education, as well as pathologies of the soul.

    Of course, Halliburton, Cheney, BP, PTTEP, PTT…. will win most of the time. There is no justice. There is only power and money.

  • soozla

    Oh–and the laughter that the “small people” provide…during the dinner parties of the elite…
    The fun is… watching the “small people “… as they think they count.. and squirm.. and they haven’t even twisted the knife yet.

  • nosilverspoon

    Just read a very disturbing headline at…[under Methane] “Greenhouse gases continue to climb despite economic slump” Is this what is really going on? Is the planet on the verge of collapse? Is that REALLY why they are trying to bring everything to a grinding stop? If they announced that we are being ‘phased’ out by Methane gas there would be a worldwide panic. Also Wikileaks has coverup of huge Methane accident caused by BP recently. The Arctic is releasing huge amounts. And we all know the GOM IS LEAKING METHANE…..

  • nosilverspoon

    The posters on here rock, no sh*t!!!!!!

  • gypsie

    Native americans legend says the “the children of the future must run to the trees” This is also known by the true Indigo children. Oh Mother Earth I weep for you…….

  • xdrfox

    Possible outcomes
    According to Gregory Ryskin, a sudden release of methane from the ocean may lead to either global cooling or global warming. The explosions and burning of methane would produce lots of smoke and dust, which would lead to global cooling. The methane and carbon dioxide would “create the greenhouse effect, which may lead to global warming”. Professor Ryskin writes that it is “difficult to predict” whether global cooling or warming would result.

    The evolution of dust and smoke, if it caused global cooling, would likely only last a short time before the particulates washed out of the atmosphere. Then the raised levels of methane and the derivative carbon dioxide would take over. The likely result would be an alternating series of extra cold and extra warm years, arguably more devastating to crop production than a trend in one direction or the other.

    It may be possible to explain past marine extinctions by the scrubbing effect. If an inert gas is bubbled through water, the surface of each bubble acts as a semi permeable membrane. Gases diffuse across this membrane according to their concentration inside and outside the bubble. The result of bubbling methane through the ocean is to deplete the oxygen dissolved in the water, leading to ocean anoxia.

    The consequences of a methane-driven oceanic eruption for marine and terrestrial life are likely to be catastrophic. Figuratively speaking, the erupting region “boils over,” ejecting a large amount of methane and other gases (e.g., CO2, H2S) into the atmosphere, and flooding large areas of land. Whereas pure methane is lighter than air, methane loaded with water droplets is much heavier, and thus spreads over the land, mixing with air in the process (and losing water as rain). The air-methane mixture is explosive at methane concentrations between 5% and 15%; as such mixtures form in different locations near the ground and are ignited by lightning, explosions and conflagrations destroy most of the terrestrial life, and also produce great amounts of smoke and of carbon dioxide. Firestorms carry smoke and dust into the upper atmosphere, where they may remain for several years; the resulting darkness and global cooling may provide an additional kill mechanism. Conversely, carbon dioxide and the remaining methane create the greenhouse effect, which may lead to global warming. The outcome of the competition between the cooling and the warming tendencies is difficult to predict …

  • nosilverspoon:

    It sounds like you wrote your post before you fully awakened from a nightmare, and later you will realize that [all] that fear is for nothing.

    Carbon dioxide is great: Without it, the Earth would seem bare: Trees and humanity would no longer exist, at least not as we are presently. Biological and terrestrial life depend on C02. Without it we are doomed; with it we are viable.

    The international banks are phasing us out; the shadow government is phasing us out; and, the super billionaires are phasing us out. Not methane. The Earth is not going to explode itself out-of-existence, and the international bankers, etc, are certainly not planning to do away with their home planet either. But, they will blow the banks up! They’ll use that CO2 tax to get your last bit of gold dust from your account and lockbox.

    Yellowstone National Park has vents that release methane; we’ve all heard about the unfortunate animals that come upon an escaping ‘earth whiff’ of methane, and immediately topple over dead. We don’t control the Earth, the Earth controls us, so, let’s just leave it to its work.

    And besides, the government wants the land for *its use*; the land is not in danger from them: You are.

  • gypsie:

    Please tell me more about that American Native legend, “the children of the future must return to the trees”, and tell me what they meant.

  • xdrfox:

    Good read. It sounds like what happened in the GOM a couple of months ago, and what may still be happening. Oxygen depletion is scary. An increase in Methane is even scarier in the Clathrate form because it’s in the form that becomes extremely explosive, and it does so very fast — as stated, and releases a lot of other gases as well.

    It could happen in the GOM, but I hope that it will not be any time soon. I hope we have millions of years left to us. Please God. Let it be so.

    The disabled Gulf Stream has me nail-biting worried. The water in the Gulf of Mexico is warmer than usual because of the oil, and the water is stagnant in the absence of the stream. So. We have stagnant water at higher than normal temperatures, and Methane Clathrate from under the seabed — rising upward from the fractured rock, conveying a chain reaction of other explosive chemistries through the water and up into our sky.

    I don’t like it.

  • kapow

    BnB, I disagree on your conclusions about justice, maybe because I’ve worked for years in the “justice” industry… Yes, there’s always some room for cynicism, but not for acquiesence. Rarely do criminals get their complete due in a timely manner (no one, but God dishes out final judgment!), but, trust me, many, many defendants pay dearly for their misdeeds, I can assure you. And the gratification, security, and renewed sanity that it provides those affected is massive.
    The fact that former President Bush had to quickly intervene and offers of half a Billion dollars from Halliburton crossed the table to avert extradition of Cheney shows you just how threatened they were!! For some time now, they have been scared shitless of prosecution. But, committing many crimes to cover up many crimes begins to get messy… Justice and the ugly truth were a little too close for comfort. And in Nigeria, they don’t mess around! Nigerians can go toe-to-toe with dictators, crazies, and any variety of sociopath in between, no problem. Intimidated by Cheney? Haha! Hardly. Nigerian Justice also has one of the highest death penalty rates in the world, bar none…Note how Bush refused U.S. membership with the International Criminal Court… Bottomline, these guys are great white-collar criminals, but they’re also huge cowards.
    That said, US DOJ has been largely rigged ever since Bush Jr. did his massacres with Gonzales & Co. It will be interesting to see what AG Holder does… He is heavily obligated to prosecute the Hell out of BP by Law, although I hear Obama is trying to discourage it…hmmm? I would have loved to see an AG Eliot Spitzer have a field day with these stooges that have left a mountain, or should I say, an OCEAN, of evidence!! Prosecutorial Field Day!!!

  • gypsie

    b&b: Search YouTube: 2012 Message from Mother Earth [6 parts].. Also: Indigenous Hopi Native American Prophecy- Elders Speak [6 parts]….these series are very intense and mindful, yet peaceful.

  • kapow:

    No justice! Even the SCOTUS has failed to uphold our *Constitution*. Hello! We have a POTUS who is unqualified — and, he’s an illegal alien, and no one insists that he show his birth certificate. Heck. You can go to prison merely for asking for his birth certificate: Hello Col. Lakin.

    And, he’s tearing us to shreds; an example, our military often wear helmets with the UN flag/logo/color. Why? To insure sovereignty?

    I could go on-and-on….

  • mk

    everyone stop driving.

  • kapow

    I am not defending the crimes that have gone on since Bushco stole office…of course they have maligned the Constitution and repeatedly violated multiple laws and treaties. BUT, that by no means constitutes an empirical lack of Justice throughout the world or the country, as you assert. Law enforcement does exist on many levels and many strive for justice everyday. The point is not whether justice is always evident or realized, the point is that the relevant laws remain on the books and the courts are open…so, no, the concept and potential for justice very much does exist regardless.
    BnB, because the sun does go down does NOT mean that it can’t come up. And please don’t speak for all judges, juries, and prosecutors out there.

  • soozla

    Justice… in this situation? with the collusion and complicity involved from the very top to the very bottom of government? I’m worried about relevant laws remaining on the books,too. I’m.also. worried about the ones they are writng currently. This discussion, I think, really needs the insertion of the link to Jesse Ventura’s other documentary call the police state. It’s banned from TV at the moment.
    Justice ….not on this green earth.

  • xdrfox

    All them frozen ice crystals of Methane are making their way to the surface defrosting and people have been saying they are having more problems breathing also.

  • xdrfox:

    It’s not just methane — it’s corexit and oil because, IMHO, they’re in greater quantities than methane.

  • kapow:

    Yes. Many, many defendents do pay dearly, and they’re all less educated and less monied.

  • xdrfox

    Early in the spill and later reports said that 40% of coming out of the well was methane and much was freezing in the low temperatures so deep. Readings during the summer announced that the methane levels in the gulf were a million times higher then normal. Adding the volcanoes that have been exploding all year with their mixture and the Gulf stream problems, I think we may be in for a mini ice age.

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