Dropping from the sky: 5,000 dead birds found in Arkansas town; HazMat onscene — Nearby massive fish kill (VIDEOS)

Working to solve Beebe’s New Years Eve bird mystery, First Arkansas news, January 2, 2011:

State and national news crews were on hand all New Years day watching workers dressed in Hazmat suits walk around the one-mile area collecting the bodies of birds that had fallen out of the sky the night before. …

At first, the reports said that an estimated 1,000 black birds fell out of the sky around 11:30 p.m. By morning, the estimate rose to 5,000…

[Melissa] Weatherly was skeptical, despite the city official’s attempts to keep everyone calm. “They’re walking around in masks and I’m wondering do we need to do the same thing because what makes that happen for them to drop out of the sky like that.” …

Thousands of Red-Winged Blackbirds Fall Dead, AP, January 2, 2011:

Keith Stephens, a spokesman for the state Game and Fish Commission, said… “We had an incident in Hot Springs where a couple of dozen birds fell out of the sky after being hit by lightning”…

During a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning startled residents of one neighborhood “and within a few seconds, ducks started raining out of the sky,” Stephens said.

And in Stuttgart during the 1940s or 1950s, he said, dozens of birds were killed in flight when they got caught up in a hail storm.

KARK4 meteorologist Greg Dee said:

Radar around Beebe at 11pm last night showed no storms. The closest storm was in eastern Arkansas (Lee County) some 50 miles away. Hail was very unlikely. Radar data from Friday night also indicates that there were only 2 lightning strikes around 11pm last night in the area. The two cloud-to-ground strikes were over 50 miles away

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