Drudge reports methane at “levels only seen during mass extinction events” (PHOTOS)

Oceanographer John Kessler analyzes methane levels from oil spill site, Texas A&M University College of Geosciences, July 2010:

Preliminary results show concentrations at some points to be a million times higher than normal, researcher says John Kessler, a chemical oceanographer in the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University, is currently analyzing methane levels in water collected from seven miles to 500 meters from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead. …

“Methane levels ranged from 10,000 to nearly 1 million times higher in some spots than normal concentration,” Kessler said.

The 10-day cruise, which was funded by a National Science Foundation Rapid Response grant, returned June 21 with nearly 1 million data points gathered. Since that time, he and his colleagues have been analyzing the results in the shore-based lab at Texas A&M.

Ramifications are multifold, Kessler said… Naturally occurring methane seeps have been linked to rapid climate change. For instance, an event occurring 55 million years ago may have caused one of these spikes, scientists believe.

University report currently offline. Check Google cache here or here.

10 comments to Drudge reports methane at “levels only seen during mass extinction events” (PHOTOS)

  • Trust Matt Drudge to sensationalize like a tinfoil-har-wearing lunatic.

    There is nothing in the original article to substantiate that the levels of methane in the Gulf waters are at the same level as seen in a so-called extinction event.

    If I go to the beach and release a cup full of methane gas into a seaside pool, then the levels of methane in the pool will be a billion times normal.

    But I’m unlikely to destroy the Earth that way. It the amount of methane which is important – not the localized concentration.

    Naturally-occurring methane in oil is not the same a a “huge methane bubble.”

    There is zero evidence of the existence of such an extinction-level methane bubble. And methane from the oil spill doesn’t make it real.

  • Joe in JT

    It’s sort of like when I ate some Kielbasa and saerkraut with pickles and beer and this tremedous gas bubble in my stomach exploded while in the bathroom. Then my wife went into the head and took a big wiff and came running back out full speed and cracked her noggin on the bed post putting her in the hospital. That was her extinction event, she’s still in there on life support.

  • ChickenLittle

    Nice upper body but the camera panned away… :/

  • ChickenLittle

    Uh… I meant to say that I’m concerned about the fresh bodies… of water… but hers was certainly refreshing. stop that! what did I just say?

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