EPA says Corexit is “perfectly safe” — Compares dispersant to Klondike Bar (VIDEO)

BP “Scientist For A Day” Susan Felio-Price Explains Gov. Correlation of Klondike Bars and Corexit, Project Gulf Impact, October 7, 2010:

(at 2:40 in)

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  • D. Thomas

    2-BUTOXY ETHANOL is a main ingredient in Corexit EC9527A (30-60%)- BP used this Corexit throughout April and May [at least]. According the the “Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet” about 2-BUTOXY ETHANOL, it is a “serious” health hazard for humans, it has been shown to cause liver cancer in animals.

    MSDS on Corexit EC9527A says:
    Eye and skin irritant. Repeated or excessive exposure to butoxyethanol may cause injury to red blood cells
    (hemolysis), kidney or the liver. Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed.”

    Do not contaminate surface water”

    Based on our hazard characterization, the potential human hazard is: High.”

    Acute :
    Excessive exposure may cause central nervous system effects, nausea, vomiting, anesthetic or narcotic effects.
    Chronic :
    Repeated or excessive exposure to butoxyethanol may cause injury to red blood cells (hemolysis), kidney or the

    Corexit 9527 “is readily absorbed through the skin”.

    BP switched to Corexit 9500 yet the MSDS for this says, “No toxicity studies have been conducted on this product.”

    Here is the link to Klondike Bar ingredients:
    Both Corexit 9500 & 9527 contain 1-5% propylene glycol.
    A Klondike Bar lists “propylene glycol monoesters” as an ingredient- this is a common emulsifier (stabilizer). Is there a difference when adding the word “monoesters”?… it doesn’t really matter because the wicked stuff in Corexit 9527 is 2-BUTOXY ETHANOL… that is NOT in a Klondike Bar!!!

    BP dumped millions of gallons of Corexit into our water… IT IS TOXIC! How in the world does our government expect us to believe our water or seafood is safe?! Hey gov, read the warning labels!

    The people in the South are swimming in toxic soup and where is our government? They are giving BP a blanket! Corporate America doesn’t care about people. It’s gone on for decades so no Republican or Democrat can make the change we need now- we need a real alternative to kick corporations and their lobbyists out of office. Remember, NO President has ever won an election without the support of the South… we have power but we need a leader worth following.

  • 72

    corexit= Toxic Re
    klondike=Kinked Lo
    bar= bra
    using poetic license: The BOP is buckling and releasing oil, more dispersent is needed.

  • D. Thomas,

    Thanks for the information. You’re right and they’re misleading.

  • Scott

    The word “daft” was created for occasions such as this. Anyone who believes the rant of this BP employee as even remotely scientific in content deserves to wear the word on their forehead.

    She should take off the white lab jacket and stick to Klondike bars.

  • premurderedGOM

    It’s just sarcasm against us as a whole. They got a good laugh. EVERYTHING they say is “sarcasm of the inner circle”. They hate us, it’s that simple.

  • Dixie

    We are nothing but cattle to the elites. The UN refers to humans as “stock”. Don’t believe me, check this out.


  • Slick Vick

    So why didn’t they just use Klondike bars in the first place????

    What a joke – the shit is toxic and they know this.. I’d like to see them drink a glass.

  • Dixie,

    It takes seeing the words in print oneself to feel that thick, evil disdain for humanity and other life.

    Strange however, the way they circumvent their own humanity; the reason must be Lucifer — the Luciferians are trouble, being those groups and individuals who feel superior to the common folk whose money they steal and whose lives they take, using the best technologies available.

    Are we the kid who crumbles when the school bully arrives?

  • premurderedGOM

    She looks like a bar hag…..

  • C.Dodds

    I keep wondering if spraying of corexit has now stopped. BP has said so, but rumours persist. If BP is too difficult to monitor, can corexit manufacturers be watched and stopped from producing and sending it to BP? It is banned in some countries we are told. If sales are above board, corexit manufacturers should not hesitate to show their books to a concerned organisation, revealing WHEN and how much corexit has been bought by BP,etc. Failure to show books to a concerned group could be regarded as highly suspicious under the circumstances.

  • Dave

    EPA said ground Zero was safe in 2001 Sept 12

  • john

    what would you do-oo-oo ,for a klondike bar?

    would you moo like a chicken?

    could you scream like a dolphin?

    cry like mother nature?

    would you swim in the gulf?

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