We’re likely to see MANY MORE baby dolphins washing ashore

Baby Dolphins Found Dead on Gulf Coast, ABC News, February 23, 2011:

“I believe this is very very unusual what we’re dealing with. It’s a tenfold increase in calves that are dying,” Moby Solangi, the head of the Mississippi based Institute for Marine Mammal Research, told ABC News. …

“We’re like [sic] to see many more of these calves washed ashore,” before calving season ends in May.

Read the report here.

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  • xdrfox

    Increasing in mind numbing numbers I believe also !

  • JEC

    First the dolphins and their babies–a visual reminder of poisoning. What about the possibility of the same thing happening to human babies? If a 10 fold increase in human miscarriage or stillbirths occurs, will US government agencies, EPA or CDC, even record or announce a problem? There is a deafing silence on the topic of potentially dangerous BP oil (VOC, PAH, COREXIT dispersant) poisoning by our own agencies.

  • xdrfox

    Pretty much ! Thats were all the dots floridaoilspilllaw articles have been comparative to, at lest to me, we are all mammal’s breathing air, these poor dolphins had to swim in the toxic soup night and day 24/7 and the air I am sure just above the water, had to be bad ! Eating the jellyfish soaked in oil and corexit and other things. Yeah, I would be rather safe in saying our youngest and us/we are next ! Good Bet !

  • xdrfox

    ATTENTION GOVERNMENT’ ! “People” are getting sick and dieing onshore !

  • xdrfox

    18 February 2011
    Blue-green algae affecting reproductive health
    by Kate Melville

    Algal blooms that occur in rivers and waterways have been found to produce a previously unrecognized estrogen-like compound that adversely affects fish, plants and humans by disrupting the normal activity of reproductive hormones.

    University of Tennessee researchers, led by biotechnologist Theodore Henry, compared groups of larval zebrafish exposed to blue-green algae (Microcystis) cells with those exposed to only the well-studied toxin they produce.

    They found that only the fish in contact with the blue-green algal cells tested positive for a well known estrogenic biomarker….


  • xdrfox

    Nalco has bought up many chemical companies, is the algae being made to create a solution for profit. ? Also working within China.

    So phosphate fertilizers causing many lake across country now with Blue-green algae and other algae but the Cure : ALUM (aluminum sulfate)is also manufactured by them or subsidies.

    Blue-green algae 5 million dollar treatment for lake also known as cyanobacteria

    By the late 1940s, Nalco was producing 181 different chemicals, many of them for … a leading producer of phosphate fertilizers; CF Industries, a maker of …
    phosphate fertilizers cause of Blue-green algae
    fix just one of many owned by Nalco.

  • xdrfox

    Hoover’s Company Profiles:
    Nalco Holding Company
    Contact Information
    Nalco Holding Company
    1601 W. Diehl Rd.
    Naperville, IL 60563-1198
    IL Tel. 630-305-1000
    Fax 630-305-2900
    Type: Public
    On the web: http://www.nalco.com
    Employees: 11,590
    Dirty water? Wastewater? Process-stream water? Nalco treats them all. The company is the world’s largest maker of chemicals used in water treatment for industrial processes (ahead of #2 GE Water and Process Technologies). Nalco’s Energy Services segment is also #1 worldwide, ahead of Baker Petrolite; it provides fuel additives, oilfield chemicals, and flow assurance services to energy companies. The company’s chemicals help clarify water, conserve energy, prevent pollution, separate liquids from solids, and prevent corrosion in cooling systems and boilers. Its Energy Services segment has a third of the market, the Water Services segment a 20% market share, and Nalco’s Paper Services unit ranks in the top three.
    Key numbers for fiscal year ending December, 2009:
    Sales: $3,746.8M
    One year growth: (11.1%)
    Net income: $60.5M

    side note;
    What is in the chemtrails ? phosphates ?

  • xdrfox:

    Please allow me to add a few more ingredients to your cookie recipe:

    MORGELLON’S in Chemtrails in photo’s:

    BARIUM in Chemtrails: Barium in chemtrails is a weapon of war — used against U.S. citizens:

  • xdrfox

    My ? mark was rhetorical, I knew the answer. … “Rhetorical questions encourage the listener to think about what the (often obvious) answer to the question must be.” … … in case you didn’t lug your library up the hill today. : ) You really should have someone carry your books. … But will add this … Aluminum Sulphate, Aluminium Sulphate Manufacturers Suppliers …
    Manufacturer and exporter of aluminum sulphate, aluminum nitrate, aluminum chloride, aluminum powder, ferrous sulphate, copper ash, copper sulfate, …


    all these Aluminum products cause breathing problems. and other health effects also.

  • For those interested:

    CHEMTRAIL PATENTS: Atmospheric Geoengineering:


    The government is not our friend and has never been. As you can see from the dates on a couple of articles, we have been “gassed” for years, and our lifespans have decreased for years, especially since the early 1900’s.

    Yes. It was common to live well over 100 years in the old days — and still have vigor. The government and pharmaceuticals snipped our natural lifespan and are still declaring — that we are living longer than ever!!!

    When the population began to decline, there were vaccines behind it, and lab produced/manipulated organisms that killed and maimed; for example, the Polio Virus and vaccine. A more recent example is Autism, a vaccine caused neurological disease.

  • xdrfox

    They make the stuff to have the problem then make the stuff to cure the problem. … Blue-green algae (Microcystis) previously unrecognized estrogen-like compound is disrupting the normal activity of reproductive hormones. If the dolphins have come in contact with the blue-green algal may be their cells will test positive for a well known estrogenic biomarker. This estrogen may be causing the aborts or calf deaths.

  • xdrfox

    Chemtrails and HAARP Technology 101 for Dummies *VIDEO*

  • soozla


    Climate mitigation….the EPA is all about it.
    Screw up the weather and kill the people with toxins….it’s sociopathand the current state of our government.

  • soozla

    Climate change is conspiracy– then why an entire research project?

  • xdrfox:

    Now ain’t you just something; telling me that a question mark is rhetorical! Does rhetorical mean the question mark dances or dangles, or some such? What is that? Good grief!

    That’s a mighty high-fallutin term; that *rhetorical* thing is just dangling there — fascinating me — making me long for my library all-the-more. I just gotta figure out how to get it up the mountain. And it will be a hazardous journey.

    Because, when I get to the part of the mountain where I gotta grab hold of one of them tree roots that’re hanging alongside them cliffs, I won’t be hankering to let go of my precious library, and I won’t be hankering to let go of the root either. I ain’t no wonder woman!

    I’d have to hold on to them roots at the same time I’m clutching my library — and trying to pull myself up, one root at a time. Now I ask you — when I let loose my grip on the tree root, what do you think will happen to me? Am I a bird? I can’t fly can I?

    Well, I’ll tell you exactly what’ll happen to me! I’ll fall all the way down that mountain holding tight to my library, and dragging a tree root behind me. I’ll get hurt — that’s what. Oh dear.

    I hope it won’t be the whole tree falling after me.

  • soozla


    Sorry…chem students ..here we go.
    They know because there have been tests done..and the scientists should use these to DEDUCE something once in awhile…instead of hiding behind the politically correct watered down tone they are taking..and cease the posturing with vague assumptions..
    The people deserve better.

  • xdrfox

    Jill you come down off that hill before Jack has to go up with you and surely break his crown tumbling down. LOL enjoyed your triller story. : D

    On edge of my seat I was !

  • soozla

    .. folks have to understand that this is not a conspiracy..this is the real deal..chem warfare against American citizens.

  • Jean

    soozla–Thanks for the last link. I’m going to read it more thoroughly at some point. A quick glance showed some interesting things. Page 149–recovery time for dolphins “many years”. Also the information about the type of planes to be used to spray dispersant, and that there were already arrangements in place.

  • xdrfox

    Since Washington DC is a no fly zone they don’t get chemtrailed ? Please take not to where the prez and first family visits and see if chemtrails are visible. Where they when his trips to Gulf region ?

  • Jean

    soozla–I was referring to your post at 9:14. Now I see you’ve posted another link before I could even get my comment on. Thanks for all the additional info.

  • soozla

    @Jean..You are welcome.

  • Jean:

    That article made me so angry I’m spinning! Just spinning!

    I think that one of the miscreants who fly those aerosol machines oughta pretend to take a nap — then pretend to awaken thinking he’s supposed to be on duty — and oops, he mistakenly takes the machine up, and *splashes* the elites with a generous dose of corexit, the chemical they’re spraying the people who live along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico with — a chemical not meant for man or beast.

    So, get your spray on guys — and have a wonderful day. Ain’t nobody gonna know who you are — cause the machine ain’t got no identity. And, there ain’t no such thing as aerosol being sprayed on us. That’s what they all say, ain’t it?

  • xdrfox:

    The people who live in the suburbs outside Washington, D.C., are sprayed very heavily and almost daily.

  • soozla

    Ahhh..Biscuit.. you mentioned Morgellon’s.
    This is another discussion that needs to happen.
    Gosh..how awful.

  • Jean

    As the sun comes up on what should have been a beautiful day in Tallahassee, I see we’re already getting hit with chemtrails this morning.

  • xdrfox

    Are they as bad as we get here in less then an hour ?

    Chemtrails Over Ormond Beach Florida Friday Morning …

  • Jean

    xdrfox–Maybe not as bad as your pictures, but there’s alot still going on. I just went outside on my break and saw at least 20 trails, mostly to the east, and 2 planes still flying.

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