Experts agree education is key: People need to get together and pass the word around about situation in Gulf (VIDEO)

In Discussion with David Gibbons, February 25, 2011:

Download full 53 minute broadcast here.

  • Educating
  • Detoxing
  • Continued testing

9 comments to Experts agree education is key: People need to get together and pass the word around about situation in Gulf (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    Press to play and got : This Video Is Private !

    So Place cursor on it, press right click on mouse to open menu, look for “watch on Utube”, click and new window will open to watch..

  • kingfish33919

    This finally occurs to these guys – wow.


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  • soozla

    Experts say that education is the key..and this is so…so let them come in and educate the people.
    Tell the people how detox works…help the people define their symptoms and document the specific chem marker of the DWH oil spill.
    Speak to the people…about the risks of continued exposure.

  • soozla

    Many, many people..have been needlessly exposed because the medical community has been slow —willfully slow— at responding to this crisis. The information about the dangers of the oil and the dispersants have been available from the onset. Even with the ridiculously low estimates they put on both… it is easy to DEDUCE that this was going to have a severe health effect.
    Health professionals are supposed to use this mental app.— because it is the basis of preventative medicine.
    The medical profession…is late ….!

  • xdrfox

    late ….! ??

    Or have been advised to be silent !

  • soozla

    I know… but certain groups have to buck up for the sake of the people. Help them..even challenging research isn’t going to help them… they need medical assistance and an army of health professionals that are more interested in saving their lives than genetic testing.

  • xdrfox

    I have a bad feeling that most medical help for this will eventually come from Federally installed doctors, and or doctors paid by federal funds a fraction of their worth and test be done in Poland, and diagnosis will seemed be lost in the mail …. as other reports from Poland.

  • xdrfox

    “I see the same process here that we saw under Bush after the Katrina disaster,” said Louisiana resident Rev. Tyrone Edwards. “It would be much better to have a mixture of environmental and community groups represented than just government officials.”

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