EXPLICIT: “Brown SH*T leaking out of his ears for 4 months”, legs have holes the size of pencils — Dispersant blamed (VIDEO)

Spill into Washington, Kindra Arnesen, September 5, 2010:

Rally in Washington D.C.

Links for Kindra’s group: http://chsl.webs.com & donate.

25 comments to EXPLICIT: “Brown SH*T leaking out of his ears for 4 months”, legs have holes the size of pencils — Dispersant blamed (VIDEO)

  • paschn

    How sad. But you know what’s even more sad? The bulk of your asshole “fellow Americans” could give a shit less and that’s exactly what the parasites that slaughtered YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS on the USS Liberty are Banking on! The Renfiels Class in D.C. have sold out their own people and country….we slaughter and DIE for these very same swine that kill our people and the bulk of you could give a shit less.

  • Kindra is a lone soldier. We need to help her, by making her video go viral.

    If you care, keep goggling “Kindra continues to suffer”, then google something like “Kindra has mysterious pencil lesions on her skin.” Each time you google, you can vary the search, but use her name at the beginning of your query.

    Let’s not stop until her video video goes viral. This could bring more attention to the Gulf of Mexico, and the plight of the people, as well as to bring more people to this site for more information concerning what is actually going on.

    I can’t think of anything else to do to help.

  • Congressman, senators, and the present administration are fully aware — and what asre they doing?

    Rahm Emanuel continues to live in a plus million dollar home in washington, dc, compliments of BP. He has lived there free for five years. Nows, tell us, what might we do?

  • One for All

    “Core Exit” what a name they gave their poison! Whomever, whatever is affected by this poison, their “core exits”. They will pay for what they did. Like gets like.

    Nutrasilver (super, natural antibiotic) may help to combat it… I don’t know, but its worth a try. I know a lot of morgellons sufferers are cured.

  • Frank

    Do you think these assholes in DC will listen to us? NO!Why? Because they think they are better then us. It’s time we hung them by their necks from the highest lamp pole we can find in DC. If this is what it takes, then let it begin. They are not able to hide, we the people know were they live. it’s only a matter of time when we go after them.. It’s our freedom they want. Take the guns and what do you have?
    Fascism. Hitler, Stalin and the rest won, why? because we the people didn’t have anything to defend ourselves with.
    Obama is on course, he wants your guns. Once they take them away, you will be subjects of the Obama. Fight now or forever hold your peace.

  • Frank

    I would like to know, where is our military? Didn’t they take an oath? If anything, they will go after Obama. I can only hope. Come on you guys, remember your oath of office. When I join the Marines, I took an oath and I will keep it until I’m dead.

  • Jonah

    “Core Exit” – I think the pun is supposed to be “Corrects It”.

  • Outraged

    The American people need to have a mass stay home from your job day. We have the power to shut down the country if we do it in numbers. Stay home until we start getting some truth and real answers for our brothers and sisters in the Gulf. You don’t think this affects you? It affects all of us! If we let them get away with this, who will be next? All of us! It is time to take back our country from the murdering scum that are trying to destroy our every freedom and take our lives! Pick a date and spread the word! We need to send a message.

  • The U.S. has become a viscous ecological tyranny, ruled by cruel raw material regimes that are anti-consumer in all ways possible.

    Reform the whole system, or it’s the creation of an open mafia only out to protect itself. Some ideas to start:


    green constitutional engineering is required; book: Toward a Bioregional State (2005); look it up

  • Mark,

    We are under the thumb of the international bankers: The big boys are far worse than an open mafia. They are demon possessed elitists whose need for us no longer exists. The singularity of man has been accomplished and is far more capable than we are.

    So, we are liabilities to the rulers. We’re underfoot and require more attention and resources than they wish to extend. They no longer need us.


  • i think more people are paying attention. google fudges search engine numbers and so does msn and yahoo, afterall we are in a media blackout. the globalists are sticking millions of victims in a dark corner, using fear and cohersion to suppress an uprising.

  • p.s. some of the alternative media is govt agents, don’t forget that. fake leaders are always planted well ahead of takeovers.

  • karen

    The person whom wrote the first response is so right most fellow americans could give a hoot about anyone but themselves, I live 40 miles fron the fla coast people swim in tar balls and the oil makes you wonder where their common sense went, they have none. THEY HAVE NO CLUE!!!

  • Outraged

    You and the first poster are right on karen! Time for the masses to pull their heads out of the TV and fast food joints and stick up for our fellow Americans, that are getting pissed on or you’ll be getting pissed on in the near future. Open your eyes and seek the truth instead of listening to the robotic, talking heads dish up lies to keep you in your place. Our country is being taken over, as you all watch the dumbing down box talk about how much jail time Lindsey or Paris will get next. Wake up fellow Americans, we are all in this muck together! Together we stand, divided we fall. And trust me, the fall is going to be a doozy!

  • Stefanie

    Frank what do you exactly mean by where is the military? Like why dont they all drop what there commander in cheif is telling them to do to disobey there oath they took to OBAY and go down to help? I hope thats not what you mean. This has nothing to do with the military. It seems everyone is forgetting who is responsible for all this happening, you have no one else to blame so your brining the military into it. You say you were in the marines now if your commander in chief told you you have to go overseas, how would you like it if someone was bashing where is the military when there is a oil spill at home and your fighting out of the country?

  • Gille

    I live on the east coast of Florida, and while we are not yet in the dire situation of the Gulf Coast people, we are indeed getting effects here, both health problems and our plants. Oil is in the sand on the beach, and no one notices. It is all officially denied. I was up north to see if all my respiratory symptoms would go away, and go away they did, until I came back and now have the same breathing problems as before. It is in the air, and probably the rain. People up north don’t know because TV will not run the stories. We need a deluge of phone calls and letters to our cable companies and the major news networks. Boycott the products they advertise. Mainsream news stands between the people and the truth.

  • thanks for posting

    Gille, Please keep the grapevine going. If everyone can get about 100 friends on facebook, you can spread the word in your community, among your friends, family, classmates, work mates, etc. I don’t live down there, but my relatives that do don’t seem to get it. Major denial. It is hard to believe!!…But, it’s real.

  • ...

    Go Kindra. The people, the citizens, have to trust and help each other face-to-face, in person. WE ARE NOW THE AMERICAN MEDIA.

  • Cheri

    Its all so terrible. How do we come together to stop this? I try and tell people but they are like,well,what can you do about it? I want to count,I want to help perserve our freedoms!

  • Maik

    Stephanie…just a comment about the military…YES…they can just ignore what the commander in chief orders…from the higherst general to the lowest private…it is actually in the “contract” that each individual has the right to question orders!!! The duty is to America and its intersts first..and if one feels their is injustice being done, they have rights. Granted- “they”- wont let it be so easy…but knowledge of rights will show. All of the folks that got in trouble for avoiding the draft in vietnam were not guilty of not joining…but failing to appear for the draftboard…when going thru the process, all enlistees are given an option…those who accept “literally” cross a line, but the fact is there IS an option…most many ASSUME that you MUST cross, but if you did, there would be no line…Seems like our reality is based more on what we think we have to do and how we think we are supposed to act as opposed to realized that such a way is NOT FREEDOM!!! No woman or man may be forced into servitude without giving up their freedoms!!

  • In the central valley where there is HEAVY chemtrail spraying going. There is alot of ring worm that leaves its scar after meds are applied and keep coming back after the meds are applied. Also people are having the same kind of problems with plants and tree leaves wilting and turning white. I also notice they are spraying at night as well as day.

  • Thats the C.A. central valley. (stockton)

  • Harry Johnson

    To the boy named frank who wants the military to go after President Obama, where were you when your beloved boy bushie and the evil one known as dick cheney were tearing up our Constitution? Where were you when they were shutting down free speech and starting wars based on lies so little bushie could pretend to have a bigger one than his daddy? You whine about President Obama but would not say a word against the biggest thieves and traitors to ever hold office in this country, the little bush regime, you know, the ones who let the terrorists attack us. The one who read My Pet Goat while the country was attacked. The so called vice president who ordered the interceptors to stand down. You forfeited all right to whine about Obama because you would not stand up to the real traitors because you thought the republicons were your buddies. You traitors make me sick.

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