Family “COVERED with oil” — “All over us… like peanut butter” (VIDEO)

A family “found themselves covered with oil” while at Little Dauphin Island in Alabama, according to a WALA report from last month.

The father told WALA, “You couldn’t see it on the surface at all, but once we got in the water about waist-deep, we started getting it on our feet and our knees and all over us… It was like peanut butter. Real thick.”

“For 2 to 3 months, we’ve watched them spray the dispersant on it and it’s causing the oil to sink and when it sinks, we can’t do anything with it… I don’t know how they’re going to take care of this, if you can’t see it, what you gonna do about it?” he said.

Another woman added, “It was real big clumps of oil and really stunk like a used oil, like you just had the oil changed in your vehicle.”

The segment concludes, “A federal report released this week states about a quarter of the nearly 207 million gallons of oil spilled remains in the Gulf.”

h/t  The Daily You (Shreveport, LA) & Louisiana Bucket Brigade

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