Ed Overton reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND (VIDEO)

Note: Ed Overton deserves his own category on this site, and may soon get one.

The Project Impact crew caught up with Professor Emeritus Overton yesterday after a “Town Hall” meeting in Louisiana.

(PGI, please have someone email here so this short clip can be forwarded to you for upload.)

Ed Overton: “You have… weathered oil on the beaches. Storms can whip [oil] up as an aerosol and can spread it around.”

Full Version (2 parts):

See also: Oil in the Gulf is “VERY RESISTANT to further biodegradation” — “Full toxic form for decades”:

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2 comments to Ed Overton reveals storms can AEROSOLIZE weathered oil and SPREAD IT AROUND (VIDEO)

  • ygufyfyu

    The trees here, 900 miles north of the Gulf, along major rivers like the Mississippi, a ton of trees have the burned leaves and white chemical stains all over them. I saw these trees in youtube videos across the south and now it’s getting worse here. I am not making it up and plan to purchase a video cam to document it.

  • Mark

    Its all double speak they the guy says I was told this and I was told that however he can not definitively say who told him anything then he says shut up don’t say anything the world is watching well rightly so they are they are watching us all die and get poisoned by our own government and wondering why we are allowing it to happen . look it dose not take a third grade education to say coexist is poison and they have killed fish tree’s and the air we breath. The guy says if you find one shrimp poisoned yell loud well guess what tens of thousands of fish dead on beaches and no one is hearing the screams they say its warm water. They are lyres and people will get sick and die.

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