Compilation: Federal government CONFISCATING SAMPLES and PREVENTING RESEARCH all over Gulf (VIDEO)

1) Bipartisan Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING SCIENTISTS — Investigating whether they ILLEGALLY SAMPLED GULF without permits… MORE (VIDEO)

2) Feds try CONFISCATING more samples from Gulf — “Agent in an unmarked car” (VIDEO)

3) Professor says HOMELAND SECURITY confiscated samples and NOTES with insider information on dispersant — “IN THE INTEREST OF NATIONAL SECURITY” (VIDEO)

4) Feds CONFISCATE independent LSU scientists’ samples because project not approved by BP, others

5) Feds threaten reporter on oiled Florida beach: “ILLEGAL TO DIG” without permit — NO SAND CASTLES (VIDEO)

18 comments to Compilation: Federal government CONFISCATING SAMPLES and PREVENTING RESEARCH all over Gulf (VIDEO)

  • maryanne jacobsen

    I like the comment at the first link that says, “I think our attorney general should charge the feds with witness intimation and obstruction of justice.”

    Hard to believe this is America. Thanks for staying on top of these stories. After the election more truth will come out, I am sure.

  • kingfish

    There is something wrong with this – Only that which went down at Chernobyl is comparable.

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  • xdrfox

    Gov. You are not alowed to know !

  • Lynn D.

    Welcome to the 234 year-awaited Freemasonic Novus Ordo Seclorum contolled by the One-eyed Pyramid (see your Federal Reserve Note for confirmation). This is why the Freemasonic British elite created America… usher in the One World Government Dictatorship. Every U.S. president except Martin Van Buren can be ancestorily traced back to King John I of England, including Barry Soetero (Obama). Everything we have been taught apart from what is in the Holy Bible has been a lie. Do your homework people.

  • ghana

    Stop sending your kids to fight their wars! If you are in the military now; quit ASAP!

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  • What do you expect? This government has continuously sought to change the American way of Lfe – Note lately that Obama changed the very words of the declaration in a TV address – POLICE STATE – stand up now or your Children and your children’s children will be hog tagged and dragged of to some unknown location and never heard of again – This is not the only diasater that this government has tried to covered up wake up America Wake Up before its to late Wake up

  • Nosaj

    Chancellor Obama and his accomplices and BP are corrupt! Even Europe doesn’t allow Corexit because it is so toxic. Obama and his shadow government WANT us sick.

  • satyahit

    what is the BIG difference between terrorist actions destroying
    USA OR BP’s oil spill and use of dispersants killing off the gulf, the fish, the people, the beaches, etc etc ,

  • terrorist and our govt. are one at the done by both are different but result is same..

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