Feds: NO communication between annulus and reservoir — Bob Cavnar: “THERE IS COMMUNICATION WITH THE RESERVOIR”

Statement from National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen on Relief Well Intercept, September 16, 2010 11:10 p.m. EDT:

“I have received extensive briefings over the last 24 hours regarding the final effort to intercept the Macondo well.  Through a combination of sensors embedded in the drilling equipment and sophisticated instrumentation that is capable of sensing distance to the well casing, BP engineers and the federal science team have concluded that the Development Driller III relief well has intersected the Macondo well.  This determination was made based on a loss of drilling fluids that indicated communication had been established beyond the relief well, the pressure exerted against the drill bit as it came in contact with the well casing and, finally, an increase in pressure in the choke line of the Macondo well blow out preventer.  While each of these indicators taken separately would not necessarily be conclusive, the aggregate data available supports the conclusion that the two wells are joined.  It is also important to note that none of the measurements supported a scenario where the annulus of the well is in communication with the reservoir.”

Yet Bob Cavnar writes:

Admiral Allen oddly announced that there was no communication between the blowout zone and the annulus of the Macondo well, even as he reported an “increase in the pressure of the Macondo well blowout preventer.”  What?

Thad:  If there is an increase in pressure of the kill line of the Macondo well blowout preventer after the relief well intercepted, THERE IS COMMUNICATION WITH THE RESERVOIR. After over 4 months of Well Control 101, I would think you would get that by now.

Obviously, politics has over-run facts.

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