Feds now less certain on why wellhead pressure so low? Now say GENERAL consensus is it’s PROBABLY depletion (VIDEO)

Press briefing and teleconference to provide operational update on ongoing Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill response efforts, Adm. Thad Allen, National Incident Commander, Thursday, July 29, 2010, 1:45 p.m. EDT

Two options have been given for why the 6,951 psi well pressure is so much lower than the 8,000-9,000 psi that was expected:

1) Cracks/leaks in the wellbore/casing are allowing hydrocarbons to escape into the surrounding rock formations.

2) This gigantic, highly sought after reservoir is depleted after only flowing for 3 months.

6 comments to Feds now less certain on why wellhead pressure so low? Now say GENERAL consensus is it’s PROBABLY depletion (VIDEO)

  • 4CleanEnergy

    Wait a second, let me get this straight. 1. BP tapped into a huge resevoir. 2. It was so large that experts said early on that, if it wasn’t stopped, it could flow for years. 3. Now there’s no oil to be found (at least on the surface). 4. The low pressure is a result of depletion? 5. How dumb do they think we are?

  • Outraged

    They obviously think we are REALLY dumb!
    Yeah, the oil is “disappearing”. What is BP now freaking Houdini? Maybe it is from all that coexit you a-holes have sprayed all over the gulf! The oil is still there under the water! You are just hiding it! As far as the PSI reading, it doesn’t take much of a brain to figure out it is leaking from the ocean floor or somewhere else. Low PSI = leaks. DUH!!! Sorry to tell you MFers but we are awake!

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    4CleanEnergy gets a quick second. My father knocked me across the room for lying to him. I didn’t lie to him again for several years and then it was for something quite insignificant. We have a group of genetic-slag sock-puppets in the White House. Their fathers should have trained them likewise.
    Perhaps this whole thing has been an exercise to alienate the American public from ‘the government process’ while the puppet masters burn up the last constitution copies and declare us all subject to the Queen of England and the pope. Perhaps this was a stunt to weary the masses and deceive all of them smart enough to care and help balance the National Debt books and finance England and increase the smelly queen’s “Commonwealth”. Maybe the leak is stopped.

    President Bendovre signed over the entire U.S. coastline to the Queen of England and Rothchilds troops. We kick their asses on paper now and arrest a few now or there will be hell to pay later.
    Pain hurts. Believe me. They fucked the Gulf. We are next.

    Or would you rather sleep with Benny the Rat and kneel in shit for ‘the queen’ and eat GMO-TV dinners until you die. If you have a brain to use,you are a competing bloodline. These fucks have no skills beyond skull-duggery. They even have to print their own money. Lets tell the fucking QofE and the Rothchilds to get bent. No more lies. Justice for all. Then peace. We came to America for a reason to live. They want to destroy it.

  • ChefJeffH

    Bp must be dangling an enormous carrot in the eyes of Retired General Thad Allen to get him to lie boldfaced to the very people he spent his career to protect. It was the freaking Coast Guard! They guard our Coast! Kind of like a Doctor violating the Hippocratic oath.

  • dave bion

    buy food, get water stocked up,and shit loads of ammo!

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