Feds now say THREE pipes stuck in top of well — One is 40 feet long that “collapsed down” (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, August 23, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. EDT:

Rush Transcript Summary

Could you tell me about the dimensions of those other two pieces of pipe? The very short pipe is around a foot. 

6 comments to Feds now say THREE pipes stuck in top of well — One is 40 feet long that “collapsed down” (VIDEO)

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    Any sign of the Mud Logs? Are these pipes the ones Matthew Simmons said had blown partially out of Well ‘B’? Are these pipes the same ones stuck in the aquarium model that CNN was putting up as ‘the runaway well’? Have the REAL oil industry pros received the Mud Logs yet? Is BP still dragging Mister President around by the [Insert correct body part here.]? Is Raum jealous?
    Will I get 8 hours of sleep in one night soon? Are these turkeys going to quit messing with my computer?
    Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Florida Oil Spill Law people.

  • Robert

    If Thad keeps going soon we will have a pipe organ.

  • Dan

    Robert – LOL I like your comment. John are you in a position that you have privalaged information and can know for sure they are lying? No! Just guess work huh??????

  • Chris

    Why do I keep seeing a vision of the Three Stooges ?

  • Observation

    This is Nothing but a Major Attempt to divert the Public from the Real Crisis at hand.

    Wake UP!

    What do you think THEY don’t want You to see happening – right under your nose?

    Economy and War and … the Real list goes on.

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