UPDATE: Feds provide further evidence that the FORMATION has COLLAPSED around BP’s Macondo well (VIDEO)

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According to National Incident Commander Thad Allen, the two possible reasons that are being discussed regarding what is blocking the annulus are:

  1. During the cementing phase of the static kill, cement went down the length of the 13,000+ foot well, made a u-turn back up into the annulus, hardening in place.
  2. There has been “a collapse in the formation” around the Macondo well.

Well is 13,000+' long, starting 5,000+' below sealevel

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, August 19, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. EDT:

Transcript Excerpts

“5,000 feet of cement… was put in during the top kill.”

“There’s about 5,000 feet of cement there.”

“Well there’s some that would tell you that the lack of communication between the annulus and the reservoir might not be cement, it could be just a collapse of the formation around it.”

Why is a compromised formation a bad thing? See:

5 comments to UPDATE: Feds provide further evidence that the FORMATION has COLLAPSED around BP’s Macondo well (VIDEO)

  • maryanne jacobsen

    IS there any new news today? Or is this a repeat of the August 19th news conference?

    A little confused.

  • Pat

    You provide the most interesting videos and information on “the saga of BP” – Thanks.

    BTW the tale of 2 wells continues – look at the ip address on video Bob Cavnar.

    1202498 – well B.

  • Pat

    LOL – you can tell where my mind is –

    Correction – not ip address – but ROV coordinates in the Bob Cavnar video are those of proposed mc252 site well b.

  • C.Dodds

    The tale of two wells should be checked out by a reliable independent closely watching group. Is the other well leaking? Is corexit etc. still being sprayed? If so, why?
    If, as implied by the media, Matt Simmons died shortly after whistleblowinig about the two wells, this may imply murder which should be investigated.
    Has the other well been checked out by reliable witnesses including the media?
    What were the results? If this has not been done, why not?
    Does anyone out there know ajnything further about this?

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