Feds: Relief wells might NOT be used to plug Macondo well

BP May Not Need to Finish Drilling Relief Well, Allen Says, Bloomberg, Aug. 12, 2010 at 5:07 p.m. EDT:

The pressure test, which will be completed later today, will indicate whether cement entered the annulus, the space between the casing pipe and the wellbore. If so, finishing the relief well and pumping mud and cement from the bottom may not be needed, [Thad] Allen said.

“I wouldn’t rule out anything at this point,” Allen said.

5 comments to Feds: Relief wells might NOT be used to plug Macondo well

  • In June, Thad Allen and his BP masters said there was no technology tat could cap the well, that the relief wells were our only hope.

    Now we are told we do not need the relief wells. This is just pure BS, It should be so freaking obvious and yet it seems like everyone is walking around believing all is well. Nothing changes. no one changes their behavior. Then we get another disaster and another and another…and everyone is still oblivious. Gaia is sending a message and no one is paying attention. Things are going to get much, much worse.

  • Brian

    BP and our goverment have been lying from day one and they continue to lie. WE better STFU or end up like Matt Simmons…

  • jec

    Just trying to watch the poor excuse for ROV video feeds–and the BP coverups should make everyone sick. Since BP is dictating the views, the resolution, the data being provided (or NOT provided)–its the fox watching the hen house. In tonights video feeds, every time oil blobs start coming across the screen..on go the ROV thrusters..producing a billow of dust..and a relocation of the camera..down to a small sea floor section.
    So..theres oil..but with dispersants and coverups — no proof of it, yet. Now, the US Government/Mr. Allen suggests the possibility of not implementing the Relief Well! Shouldn’t SOMEONE be protecting us from the massive damage to our country and the environment? As the person in charge..this is not just Obama’s Katrina–its 1000s of times worst! What a terrible legacy he is going to leave us in 2012.

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